Bedroom window

This copper fire pan was used for little cacti and succulents, but weeding it became a chore with all the thorny plants. So I want to convert it to a perennial, mediterranean bulb thing that I don't have to water or lift or anything.

Tulips and crocus

Right now it just has little Tulipa 'Little Beauty's, but I'll add some Crocus 'Negro Boy' (above), and other things as I go. When it's out of season, I'll keep it to an obscure corner to ride out the year and wait for spring.

Tulipa hageri or T. humilis 'Little Beauty'

Down in the garden, it's all buds and new leaves.

Arctotis bud



Acer palmatum

new rose leaves

Vaccinium corymbosum

Ficus carica

At my local nursery, I bought a six pack of mixed greens that had already gone to flower. They were in the "last call" section where everything is 50% off. I thought she should give them to me for free considering how much I shop there, but I paid 50%. I guess they're not in the business of giving things away for free.

mustard flowers

I would like the mustards to self sow. They bloom before the wildflowers, and smell nice. Most importantly, they give the beneficials a reason to visit my garden.

mustard + Syrphidae

California poppy blooms everywhere right now, but it's always a month or two late in my garden. This is a tufted-hair poppy (Eschscholzia caespitosa), from southern California, that I bought recently.

Eschscholzia caespitosa

I take the same pictures all the time.

late winter

Ceanothus (x2) + Fuchsia boliviana


Omphalodes cappodocica

Anisodontea capensis



I bought these purple rocks years ago. I keep putting them out, then picking them up and putting them away, never really sure if I like them or not. Today, they're out.

bottom of back stairs

Aesculus californica


This planter and some containers are the extent of my "front yard". Calycanthus occidentalis is leafing out. I shall be heartbroken if it doesn't flower this year.

Calycanthus occidentalis

New leaves.

Calycanthus occidentalis new leaves

Underneath, redwood sorrel (Oxalis oregana). Love the texture.

Oxalis organa


CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

I love everything. Your plants are all doing so wonderful! I am sure the calycanthus will bloom. Mine does every year and it freezes here. I haven't looked to see if any leaves have started coming out yet though.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What a pretty view and and nice weather. We have snow again.
I love the bulb bowl. A great idea, and I've just seen those tulips one other time, very pretty coloring on them. Please send some sun up this way :)

Laurene said...

I just watch the movie, "The Ruins" and seeing all your intertwining, vine-like plants brought back goosebumps and a creeping sensation! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had a front yard. ;-) It's nice to get a glimpse.

Christopher C. NC said...

It's so spring like. I imagine some what like N. Florida where it stays green all winter. I just got the report of the azaleas, dogwood and redbud spring bloom.

chuck b. said...

Ew! Please don't compare California to Florida!


Unknown said...

You can keep showing the same areas of garden all the time--they look good, and there's always something new to see in your garden, it seems!

I love all of the green that you're posting these days. Makes me feel better about our grey/brown season here in Cleveland... like eventually it WILL end, and we'll be seeing the same lush green here. (I hope!)

EAL said...

It all looks wonderful. I like the species tulips in the firepan.

Abigail Rose said...

I love oxalis too. I have the one that gets pink or white flowers. I used to have redwood sorrel in a pot but we had a hard frost one year and I forgot to cover the pot and they froze. It can get much colder here at night here in the inland valley than in SF.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck, the rain has made it all look quite lush. Love your vertical greens too. The compost bin move looks like a big improvement and more space for you. Hooray for more space, always. I have little princess too, mixed with little beauty as shown in the Van Engelen catalog but they did not bloom together last year. This year the foliage looks great and maybe we will get that pink and orange mix I crave. :-) My cobaea is taller than I am and we are a month away from the last frost date. I moved it to the shadiest part of the greenhouse and it grabs my hair as I walk past to the sink in that corner, everytime.

chuck b. said...

Those other tulip leaves belong to Little Beauty! It's now seems clear they won't bloom together for me this year, so better luck to you.

Annie in Austin said...

Will you try to make the bulbs perennialize in the bowl, Chuck - or treat them like annuals?
I wonder if a couple of autumn-blooming Oxblood lilies could survive in the bowl? Or if Colchicum might do better.
I love this bowl of bulbs idea.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose