Who is more annoying?

Below, please find a blog poll inspired by the discussion at Garden Rant following a post about the movie Food Fight.

Garden blogger and film critic Susan Harris said, "The only nit-pick my friends and I had? Wishing the movie had included some restaurants outside of California, and less of Alice Waters..."

Then, blog commenter and Food Fight filmmaker Chris Taylor responded, "[T]he note about Alice upsetting Anthony Bourdain[...] I have no sympathy for someone like Bourdain who is long on attitude (smoking cigarettes between meals on his food show) and very short on intelligence."

So, I want to know...

Who is more annoying?
Alice Waters
Anthony Bourdain
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Adriana said...

I vote for Slow Food Nation.

EAL said...

I have no problem with either of them. I like Bourdain. There are lots of people on the Food network much much worse than either of them.

vertie said...

I voted for Alice Waters, despite all the good she has done. She just annoys. I don't know enough about what Bourdain has said specifically about food policy, but I love his show.

(And he has stopped smoking and plumped up.)

Entangled said...

I voted for Alice Waters, mostly because I recently read a biography of her; my impression was that the author thought she was a bit flaky and prone to taking credit for the work of others. I think Anthony Bourdain is interesting, if a bit obnoxious.

Laurene said...

Bourdain gave up smoking over a year ago after his wife had a baby. He's a pretty honest guy & not a bad writer at all, BTW. I like his show too.