March 5 garden blog post

Everyone is talking about vertical gardening. Here is my contribution to that effort. I'm growing greens in pots because I don't have horizontal gardening space that I want to dedicate to lowly greens.


The rains may have ended last night for the near term, and quite possibly until the fall. We got 1.35" in 8 hours overnight, most of it between 3 and 3:30 a.m. if the thunderous sound of the rain hitting my roof was any indication. San Francisco is now in the high 80something percent of normal for the year.


Everyone is happy to have rain!



Ceanothus, Fuchsia

Omphalodes cappodocica


Hydrangea petiolaris


Hamamelis 'Diane'

But the big news today is, I moved the compost bin. It was a decision I've been coming to for awhile.









The compost bin is sitting a little crooked, and it's high on the ground because of established root crowns that I wouldn't disturb. That's not great, but I think it's acceptable. The dark area under the stairs was underutilized, and unusably dark and shady. I just didn't feel like there was anything I wanted to plant there besides groundcovers from the redwood forest, like Asarum caudatum and Oxalis oregana. Fine plants for shade, but I have them as filler elsewhere and didn't need to have an expanse of either/both under the deck stairs.

By opening the ground where the compost bin was, I also gained more planting space. Plants being what this whole gardening thing is all about for me, I consider this move a good idea. I hate to make changes in the garden this late in the rainy season, especially changes that involve new plantings. But sometimes you have to act on other considerations. Besides, I had some energy to burn today after watching this morning's dreary debates on gay marriage in the California Supreme Court. Might as well be productive.

I also discovered that I have some luxurious, primo compost to spread around, just in time for vegetable season. Shoveling all the compost out of the bin and moving it around was good too, for aeration.

So, what am I going to plant in my newly opened bed? Stay tuned...


Les said...

I am glad you are getting good rains. Having new garden space is like finding out you are getting a little money from a long lost relative, not enough to quit your job, but it will keep you happy for a while. I like that little Omphalodes.

Phillip Oliver said...

The improvements look great and you can tell that the plants are loving the rain. I've haven't heard any news this morning - I hope the debates went well.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

I love the rain and we needed it so bad here. I guess the next week is suppose to be clear and nice. Perfect for working in my yard. There are branches everywhere from the wind we had. So I am looking forward to the weekend! TGIF!!! Have a good one!!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I like your vertical gardening idea! You're right we do have the same compost bin. I moved mine last summer for the same reason, another place to plant. I bet the soil there will be really nice.
I haven't heard anything about the debates either. My brother in law lives in SF and he has been very upset about how things ended up with Prop 8. Wish people could just treat everyone equally and get on with their lives.

weeder1 said...

I had to dash right out this morning and copy your "stacked pots" idea. I'd seen it before of course but this morning's photo lit the fire. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the vertical, skewed terra cotta pots. The water probably drains from one to the next, just like some fancier designed green walls and so forth. good stuff.

lisa said...

LOL Les' comment...good point. I'm planning greens in wash tubs that are on legs, I hope it keeps them safe from the rabbits at least.

Rose Berger said...

What kind of compost bin is that?

chuck b. said...

A Rubber Maid.