The Garden in January

We're not having winter this year. I'm told it's a national phenomenon. Today was almost wintry, with gray skies and cold air. I took the opportunity to water.


Typically, it only rains in California when it's cold. I wouldn't have mentioned that, but I lived in Atlanta for a spell and I found it so remarkable that summer was the rainy season there. A life lesson: Things are different in different places. That what makes them different.


So it goes. The gray-skinned buckeye in the top picture will leaf out soon. I saw leaf tips emerging from buds this morning. I hope it flowers too. It would be the first time. Buckeye flowers would make my whole spring. Usually I cut the grasses back in winter, but this year I only cut back one that I thought really needed it.

This is my favorite picture from today and, hey, it's all foliage. That should make some people happy.


I like the Phormium 'Black Adder' so much I bought a second one last fall. It seems to grow kind of slow for a phormium, at least in my garden. That's one of the reasons I like it. They get congested and unappealing so quickly. Take it slow.


The moss on the birdbath comes back thicker and more lush every year. In the summer it dries out completely. I once said "it disappeared in summer" and someone, a designer, on Twitter, said to me, "I don't think it disappears, I just think it gets really small." What an idiot, I thought to myself. Did this woman really think I thought the moss just seasonally DISAPPEARED? Like it de-materialized from this earthly plane? People who do not understand what figurative speech is drive me nuts. I un-followed her immediately.


Here are the glass balls I regret not buying more of when I was in Rome last summer. Well, I was already pressed for room in my luggage.


Besides, we have glass balls in California too.


Kelly said...

I've been watching my buckeye leaf out for about a week. Buckeye blooms this year would make my spring, too!

Queer by Choice said...

It's really not fair for your garden to have so much lush green foliage at the end of January. The fact that we're not having a real winter hasn't stopped my garden from turning all brown and dead-looking.

Cheryl said...

LOVE the moss on your birdbath! The glass balls are fun... I'd have to hang them with something other than twine here because the squirrels would chew the twine just to watch the glass fall and break. ok, well, they WOULD chew the twine.

Kaveh Maguire said...

LOVE your comment about the idiot designer. I have a tendency towards grand hyperbole when I speak or write and people who take me literally drive me crazy. Always trying to correct me or rolling their eyes at me. Sometimes I feel like I am from a different planet.

And that birdbath is beautiful with or without moss.

Fairegarden said...

The English language, and maybe all of them, are instruments for artistic expression. Thank goodness some people have a creative streak.


Sarah at Habitat Design said...

Hi Chuck,

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Thanks and hope you can make it!

MulchMaid said...

It seems to have been an odd winter everywhere. Not that I'm complaining. That birdbath moss is excellent (and I live in Portland, where we KNOW good moss.)

Garden Broad said...

I really like the wild appearance of your garden these days. Who needs winter anyway?

Unknown said...

It's great to have the glass balls remind you of Rome!!