Bloom Day, etc.

Hi everyone. I'm still in school... Obviously. The quarter is almost over, and I only have one quarter to go. In the meantime I snuck away from my preparations for finals to visit the garden. I took my iPhone with me. The descent was a little blurry.


It's been raining. A lot. Which is fabulous. The water weighs everything down, and I don't have a lot of flowers right now anyway.


I see some fuchsias, but those pictures didn't come out.


There's this aster.

Oh, and the Ceanothus back there on the left.

I'm sorry to say the buckeye did not flower this year.

Wet soil underneath the birdbath causes it to tip. This is an annual problem that I have not been able to fix. Well, it needs more work than I have yet been willing to perform.


The real excitement in the garden: cherries! A few of them anyway. I have Minnie Royal and Royal Lee. They were bred to need fewer chill hours than the usual varieties. I might not get a big harvest this year, but I am excited!


As always, turn to May Dreams for your monthly Bloom Day fun.


Queer by Choice said...

Enjoy the cherries! I'm more excited by your spectacular Ceanothus. I'm not sure how you manage to squeeze so many big plants into such a small yard, but they all seem happy together.

Les said...

I am glad you could take a few moments away from shcool to enjoy some time in the garden.

Kaveh Maguire said...

I love that style of bird bath. It is so hard to find interesting natural looking ones not covered in cherubs or other tackiness. Do you remember where you purchased it?

Phillip Oliver said...

Everything looks so lush. Glad you are getting rain!

chuck b. said...

I miss all you guys!

Kaveh, the birdbath came from Sun Studios on Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay. This place: http://back40feet.blogspot.com/2010/09/beach-day-and-then-i-bitch-about.html

Unknown said...

YAY for cherries! I'm drooling at the thought of fresh cherries, but it will be a while before I get to enjoy that taste. :-)

Good luck with that last quarter!

scottweberpdx said...

Lovely post...I have a birdbath that actually did the same thing a few times..finally moved it last fall...hasn't tipped over since...well, yet ;-)