Beach Day (and then I bitch about fountains)

A flooded lagoon limited access to the beach at San Gregorio today, so we went to Pampano one half-mile south instead. It was just as good.



There were not very many people out.


But there were lots of birds.




It's annoying as hell when I don't get the horizon line flat.


I wear a size 11 or 12 shoe, depending.


This felt good. Ahhh...!

This felt good.

We stayed for a couple hours and went for a drive.


Nice day for that on the coast.


We stopped at Sun Studios on Highway 92.


They have a lot of fountains.

One or two likes, otherwise no.

And I'm kinda picky about them.

For example, I like these.

Like and like.

And these.

Like and like.

I like this one.


This could work, but only in the precisely correct garden context.

Really depends, but this could be perfect in the right context

But this could never work for me in any context.


Or this.


Certainly not the dolphins.

Certainly not.

These could work. The columns would be especially cool if you could get three of the exact same type, but I don't think you could repeat the obelisk.

All very much depend on the context.

This one could be groovy in the right small space.

Depends entirely on the context.

Too much artifice.

No. But nice try.

Same problem.

No. Trying too hard.

Yes, but only in a Mediterranean garden or Moorish courtyard:

Again with the pretend. No, no, no.


This is too compact.


Too heavy on top and bottom.


Same theme, but look how much better this one is:

Almost, but no, I don't think so.

Overdone without being overdone enough!

No, but I appreciate the effort.

A little too much scroll, but I like the color and water stains.

Like, but would like more with slightly less scroll.

Ugh. Too 1980s!


I don't think I want the garden this one would look good in:

Almost, but no.

This is nice. So simple and effortless.


Let's only talk about things we like from now on.

I like all of these painted pots.



People say nothing looks good in strawberry pots, but thymes do.


Gorgeous. It would be nice to have one of these inside, empty.


I like the blue and white mucho.


What do you think about the frog? I like it.



Unknown said...

What do I think? I think I like how you like the simple fountains, and "bitch" about the overdone ones.. and then move on to adore some painted pots with seriously intricate detail. :)

(I'm serious that I like that, btw. Just sayin' so you don't think I'm being snarky!)

weeder1 said...

Are those painted pots really Talavera or are they made in China and only using the name? (I've seen Chinese "Talavera" at OSH. I thinks its wrong.)The frog IS cute.

Town Mouse said...

Well, I went to the coast Labor Day and it was AMAZING, seals, dolphins, the lot. But of course I was chicken and took 84, not 92. Now I'm having second thoughts, Sun Studios looks like fun.

Yeah, fountains are much a matter of taste. Good thing the birds only care that there's water, and it's not too deep.

chuck b. said...

The pots are from Mexico and they're too inexpensive to be anything fancy.

We take 92 east, but never west, except on weekdays or during the off-season. 84 to the coast? I think i would get carsick!

Denise said...

Fountains really need this level of analytical approach, so bitching about them is a public service. Favorite comment: "I don't think I want the garden this one would look good in."

xoxoxo said...

I love the bitching! And I like your taste in fountains too.
I could do things with that Frog--they always get alot of attention in my garden and it doesnt even DO anything! Just a gold meditating frog. Hrmph.

Anonymous said...

Bitching about fountains is far loftier than my bitching about the sad state of LA Ink. ♥