Foliage Follow-Up

Following up on Bloom Day, that is. It's the new thing!

Alas, I'm not much of a foliage gardener. What kind of flower does it have is usually the first thing I want to know about a plant. But here are a few things I have going on right now in the way of foliage.

Not an agave, but in the agave family, this is Beschorneria. There are a dozen species in the genus, all native to Mexico. This is B. rigida, possibly B. rigida x yuccoides. I bought it for the flower (somewhat like an agave's, but more pendulous and different in other ways too); I have no idea when it will appear.


Cordyline was a gift. I would not buy something like this for myself, but I enjoy having it very much. I like how the bladed leaves intergrade with Dierama on the left, and harmonize with the bronzy heucheras on the right.

Cordyline 'Cherry Sensation'

Centradenia grandiflora

Centradenia grandiflora; I bought it for the flowers. Putting it near the artichoke was a foliage strategy.

Centradenia grandiflora

'Louis Edmunds' manzanita will flower soon. The way the flat gray-green leaves baffle sunlight is visually interesting all year long.


Succulents are primarily grown for the foliage, which often resemble flowers.


I don't want to overdo it on my first post for Foliage Follow-Up. This is a small garden; I have to ration it out. You can find more foliage follow-ups here.


Julie said...

your back 40 is awesome! i have hopes that you are beginning to love plants based on foliage!!! this is my love! i only seem to care about flowers when it comes to my front yard. i have mainly tropical foliage plants outside, and succulent collections, which of course are all foliage based. best wishes. now...if i can just put this dog down so i can type with 2 hands!!! lol.
happy Sunday to you!

Pam/Digging said...

I haven't seen the Beschorneria before, but I like it. I inherited a pair of red cordylines with the new house and found I really liked them, plus the deer didn't eat them. They croaked in the hard freezes we recently had, but I'll be using them again.

Thanks for participating in Foliage Follow-Up, Chuck, even if your first love is flowers.

Noelle Johnson said...

I love your spiky accent plants. Agave are a favorite of mine, so any thing that looks similar goes on my list of favorites.

lisa said...

I like how you're initiating a new "thing", you're so trendy! :) No blooms here and my foliage is mostly brown...very uplifting to see yours!

Unknown said...

Your Cordyline "Cherry Sensation" is SO much brighter than mine! I'm jealous- maybe I need to move mine....