Bloom Day

The truth is I forgot about Bloom Day until after the sun went down.

Hardenbergia violacea

So I'm throwing in a bonus cat.




Above, left to right: Hardenbergia violacea, Cobaea scandens (also below), Tithonia diversifolia.

Cobaea scandens

Cobaea scandens

While I may have forgotten Bloom Day, you can be sure I won't forget the exciting new tradition of Foliage Follow-Up tomorrow!


Christopher C. NC said...

So I take it you just walked out on the deck and grabbed a few unique and lovely flowers to bring inside for your Bloom Day post? I used to live like that. Happy Bloom Day to you and the feline. Now get off the table. Like she'll listen.

Annie in Austin said...

You don't need dozens of flowers when the ones you show are so spectacular, Chuck... that Cobaea is making my fingers twitch with covetousness.

Happy Blooming Day!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

I wondered where you'd disappeared to on Bloom Day! I intentionally skipped participating in this one because the only flowers I have are on the golden currant, which were also the only flowers I had for December's Bloom Day, and I didn't feel I had anything new to say or show about them. But I was sure your garden would have more going on - and sure enough, it does!

Anonymous said...

You must be busy, Chuck, I remember your comment on one bloom day *Am I first?* The hardenbergia looks fabulous, did you know that I ..... never mind. The cobaea makes me sigh, for the seeds for them have not yet germinated. They might have been a one hit wonder here. The saved pod contained one thing that looked like a seed so it was also sown. Nothing yet. Maybe the plant will return from the ground, but man, it has been super cold here. Love sweet kitty, give her a scratch for me and some sweet talk. :-)

Les said...

When I bring anything in from the yard, we have to keep a sharp eye on it to guage how interested the cats are. Otherwise we will wake up the next morning with overturned vases and puddles, or worse, little piles of plant filled regurgitations.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Lovely! And kitty adds a lot to the picture too(-: Happy Bloom Day!

Brad said...

I like the hardenbergia as a cut flower. Ours is just starting to bud. It's kind of small to cut the blooms, but I might steal some that hang into a parking lot I know.

Ann Atkinson said...

"Throwing in a bonus cat"! JJ the dog (right) likes that. I think it's a hoot! I KNEW you'd have Cobaea scandens (I lust for them). I, too, looked for your photos yesterday ;-) Thanks for posting!

kimi said...

oh, thank you for giving the details on the cobaea scandens which i completely fell in love with on your balcony... xo

lostlandscape(James) said...

Hardenbergia, Cobaea, Tithonia or Felis...I'm having a hard time deciding which are my favorite species. It looks like we humans aren't the only ones enjoying your blooms.

Dreamybee said...

Good thing I got my post in while it was still light here-I don't have a bonus cat to throw in! Green flowers don't usually do much for me, but I love your Cobaea scadens!

lisa said...

"Bonus cat" looks totally busted in that first picture! Nice blooms!