In which the offer to garden is declined.

Text of a note from my neighbor left in my mail slot responding to my offer:

Good to hear from you...

[Two paragraphs of pleasantries about him and his recently improving health omitted]

We have recently made plans to re-design the garden to include a scaled down version of the bamboo forest and to include flowers as part of the first stage of implementation so that the yard can be used and provide a visual focal point.

I will keep your offer in mind if plans should change. I appreciate you interest and offer. But our hope is to be able to utilize and enjoy the yard once again.

[Two more paragraphs of pleasantries omitted, one about where I can find a community garden, and another complimenting me on my garden].

Best wishes,

Your Neighbor

My question is, who is "we"? I think "we" is just him. He lives alone in an otherwise empty two-unit building. Not once in the six years have I've lived next door to him have we seen another person come or go from his home.

Reading between the lines, I suspect an offer of ornamental gardening would have been more persuasive than my offer of vegetable gardening.


Christopher C. NC said...

Wouldn't we be him and the raccoon.

Phillip Oliver said...

Well darn! I don't suppose it hurt to ask and at least he responded politely. I hope you can find some extra space soon.

Kerry said...

Maybe he is secretly nobility and he is using the royal 'we'. ;-)

Anarchy in the Garden said...

Try Grow Friend: http://growfriend.org/

Unknown said...

Well, hey... maybe there is no "we," but if the letter causes him to add a sidekick and put in SOMETHING other than the bamboo forest, that's a good thing, right? :)

Katie said...

Imaginary friend?

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Well that is to bad but that got me suspicious. Hopefully the "we" is not some sort of prisoner)-: I know I watch way to much news! Keep an eye on that one!(-:

chuck b. said...

It's scary because it's true, Cindee!

We've actually had conversations about what we'll say when the news cameras come to interview us about our serial killer neighbor. "Yeah, we're not surprised."

Unknown said...

I was thinking maybe he had a second "personality". You could write back with a pleasant "We'd love to have you guys over for drinks someday to hear about your plans, and answer any questions you may have about flowers that grow well in this area" But yeah, if the serial killer thing is a possibilty, forget about it.

Chloe Marguerite said...


You crack me up! The 'we' is referring to him and his shovel!

Seriously, he's probably afraid that if he lets you use his land, you'll stake a claim of some sort. (Can you tell I work for a bunch of land use attorneys?)

Chloe M.