U-pick chestnuts on the peninsula

I can't say that I love to eat roasted chestnuts, but walking through a chestnut grove sounds like a nice way to pass a couple of hours on an autumn afternoon.
"The mighty American chestnut tree once was an integral part of Eastern forests, but it has been virtually wiped out by a fungus. Luckily for people in the Bay Area who'd like to enjoy chestnuts, though, a few small groves of other varieties survive locally."



Anonymous said...

Whether you eat them or not, they are beautiful.


Les said...

I hope you were not barefooted.

Hans said...

that is beautiful.

EAL said...

I love chestnuts, both to look at and to eat.

Christopher C. NC said...

Client #1 has two Chestnuts. That is how I learned those spines are absolutely viscious. I would never have wanted the job of gathering and cleaning those things. It would have been a bloody mess.

Unknown said...

Those are way cool... they look like funky little Fraggle-nuts.