An October Visit to West Marin, Part 1

We went for a nice drive in west Marin County today.

Here we are heading through town on the way out.


And here we are getting out.



Mostly Natives Nursery, one of my favorites, is in the town of Tomales. We visited the nursery before and you may have seen Tomales in the movies:
"Much of the 2001 movie Bandits was filmed in and around Tomales, as were the opening shots of Mumford (1999), and parts of Scream (1996), and Village of the Damned (1995)."
Well, I saw Scream.

Mostly Natives Nursery, Tomales, CA

They were having a big fall sale, and I wish I'd spent more money.

Mostly Natives Nursery, Tomales, CA

More money on grasses...

Mostly Natives Nursery, Tomales, CA

Mostly Natives Nursery, Tomales, CA

And a Dawn Redwood.

Mostly Natives Nursery, Tomales, CA

Metasequoia can grow in pots for years.

Mostly Natives Nursery, Tomales, CA

Mostly Natives Nursery, Tomales, CA

Mostly Natives Nursery, Tomales, CA


Tomales is a tiny town...

Tomales, California


Tomales, California

Tomales, California

Tomales, California

near lovely Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay, California

where you can paddle or sail



Tomales Bay, California

and have oysters and beer.

Tomales Bay, California


Anonymous said...

Lovely grasses. What DID you buy? Or are you saving that for another post?


chuck b. said...

I bought one grass, but not that lovely orange one, an Omphalodes, an erigeron and a pink yarrow from bouthern California islands.

steelystyle said...

Those dawn redwoods are bee-yoo-ti-ful. I just visited a huge one at Lotusland, and it made me want tons of space to plant a mixed grove with those and Grevillea robusta and maybe some Catalina ironwoods...

Tira said...

I quite enjoyed the visit to the Mostly Natives Nursery, with the lovely grass and flowers, as well as the town of Tomales. The bay reminds me of Bodega bay.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I wanted the whole tableful of grasses when I saw that photo! But I would settle for a day on that bay... wow. No wonder people want to live in California.

Annie in Austin said...

Maybe a metasequoia could live in a pot in Texas, too? I'll take one of those and also the one of those chairs with the built in roof.

Nice tour, Chuck. I didn't see Scream but saw Mumford when it was new.


lisa said...

Someday I want to visit California, and that's a stop for sure!