"Weed fought the law and Weed won!"

The federal government was very vexed about a beer from Weed, California.

They got over it.

A Northern California brewer who tangled with federal regulators over the caps on his beer bottles said Tuesday that officials have given him permission to keep the message "Try Legal Weed."

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau had ordered Vaune Dillmann to stop using the caps, which are a play on the name of the town where he brews his beer -- Weed. The bureau said the message amounts to a reference to illegal drugs.

Dillmann appealed and was preparing for a legal fight when he received a registered letter this week saying he can continue using the bottle caps. He shared a copy of the letter Tuesday with The Associated Press.


The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau?

Amazing that we actually pay these people money to be so ridiculous and meddlesome.


Anonymous said...

I brought some back when I was near Yreka for a Klamath River canoe trip earlier this summer. It's good stuff. My kids thought the label was funny, too.


lisa said...

I'd buy it for the label alone!

Jon said...

Chuck, thanks for this post. I got a big kick out of reading it. It is a hell of a note how intrusive some government agencies can be...and over such a petty matter as this. I am tickled the brewer can continue to use his bottle caps! Good for him.

Jon at Mississippi Garden blog