That enema made all the difference

for Penny. The next day she started to eat and drink and poop, per usual.


There's a little swelling of the surgery site, but nothing unusual. Her belly hair is growing back in.


I'm always telling Guy we should shave off all the cats' hair so we can see how tiny they really are. (He hates that idea.)

It actually took Miss Patty much longer to recover from Penny's surgery than Penny herself. Patty hissed and growled and generally adopted a surly tone for a whole week after Penny came home. We were worried.


She'd always been so loving. We even scheduled an appointment with a behavior specialist, but after some intensive playtime and shared treating, Patty's anxiety lessened to a point where we felt comfortable canceling that appointment (14 minutes before the deadline).

Everything is back to normal now.


With a few changes. We've banned unattended shoe laces from the house. Shoes are left outdoors, or put in the closet with the door shut. And both cats are forbidden from being in the closet unsupervised. It's for their own good.


ADDED: Penny's publicist informed me at dinner tonight that any statements about Penny receiving an enema are false and should be regarded as vicious gossip.


gintoino said...

Glad to know kitty is doing fine.

Frances, said...

Oh chuck, your kitties are so elegantly beautiful. I love the markings on Miss Patty, we had a very similar kitty to here named Halloween. Poor Miss Penny being hissed and growled at after her ordeal. Do you think it was the smell that Patty disliked? So glad all is well. The closet and shoelace rules are for the best. But the shaving of the cats, are you out of your mind? Talk about torture, you are joking surely. They should run away from home if you would do that to them. ;->

chuck b. said...

We think it was the smell. Patty was even angry at the Penny's empty cat carrier and the towel she went to the vet with.

Guy had an interesting theory that Penny was the dominant cat and her going away liberated Miss Patty in a sense and she was resentful when Penny came back.

Who knows what it was all about. Cats have their own private lives.

And, yes, I'm kidding. I'm a regular kidder--the more outrageous the beter. :)

Christopher C. NC said...

A soaking wet cat is pretty close in size to a shaved cat. Your girls are all grown up now. They have turned into cats.

The resident gardeners keep threatening to get me a cat. That might be a fine house warming present when the time comes.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

So glad to hear kitty is better. LOL that is funny...but I guess if it worked then its a life saver. I am sure that Patty was upset that Penny was gone and had that doctors office medicine smell. That is a nasty one. Your orchids sure are pretty!!!

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Oh I forgot to say. My daughter worked at a Vets office and they had a groomer who would shave cats and do little hair dos for them. She had her cat clipped in a Lion cut and it was soooooooooooooo cute. The cat thought he was all that too!!! So don't be affraid to get the cats a do...after all doggies get their hair done all the time.(-: Just find a good groomer who is nice(-:

Laurene said...

I think that's an actual smile on Miss Penny's face!

chuck b. said...

Come to think of it, my dad informally once adopted a stray Persian who was prone no nasty hair mats. The veterinarian advised keeping her shaved too. Not to the skin, but pretty close.

lisa said...

I'm so glad that all is well again! I'm really surprised that Patty carried on being angry for so long, but at least she got over it. Good thing Penny has a good publicist-she has a reputation to protect! ;-)

JvA said...

You guys should trade all your laceups for cowboy boots.

Jenn said...

They are such pretty girls.