The California Trip, Part Six: Mission Santa Barbara

Guy and I like to visit California's missions. Most of them are far south of the Bay Area. Our favorite is in San Juan Capistrano, but Santa Barbara's could be second favorite.







We come for the landscape and architecture. I don't know anything about the religious stuff. Is that Jesus?



A sign said this was Mary and discussed this version of her.


Indoor pictures are blurry because mission lighting is always so dim. I didn't see any signs that said "no flash photography" but it seems like that's the unspoken rule.

I took a picutre of a picture of a friar's room ca. 1898. (What's a friar?)


Most missions seem to have a rose garden near by.


You've seen roses before, right?

IMG_8662 IMG_8647

We visit an amazing garden in Part 7 of the California Trip.


Anonymous said...

A friar is a monk. You know, like Friar Tuck in "Robin Hood"? That looks like a neat place. I enjoy visiting the missions in San Antonio too.

Annie in Austin said...

Geeze louise, Chuck - I read one travel post and go look up something and come back to 17 more photos - they're wonderful and the whole trip seems incredible.

I think the statue is Jesus Christ at the tomb after his crucifixion and burial. It appears that he is telling Mary Magdalene [who has come to mourn] that she should cheer up - he has risen.

If I knew more about California I wouldn't have to spend so much time looking up what you've been showing us, but I'm so ignorant about your state that I had to start with the big map and first find out where Santa Barbara is...hey! It faces South instead of West! Cool!

Thanks for all of this!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Very cool...I'm wondering about the skulls and crossbones around that one door. Was that a tomb or holding spot for bodies...or infirmary? Very interesting....I've never been to a mission before.

cdillon said...

OMG, If that is Jesus I know why Mary Magdalene and Judas were all up in that stuff.