San Gregorio Beach

I was sick for a week, and then kind of blah for a week after that. I'm feeling better now, and we're up and about. Today we went to San Gregorio Beach for a couple hours (link, link).

You often see these driftwood constructions here, and elsewhere. I would like to have one in my garden (if my garden was much bigger).


The entrance:



This one is subterranean.


We arrived before the crowds, although this beach isn't often crowded in my experience.







Bacchus said...

We used to go down there to spend a day and I love the shelters that are built as wind breaks. I could photograph these all day.

Glad you are feeling better.

Christopher C. NC said...

Do all the beaches in California have organic art installations or just the ones you go to?

Frances, said...

Yeah to what christopher c. said. I remember CA beaches as supremely crowded places, not cool isolated areas with driftwood shelters. Glad you are better, your garden needs you!


chuck b. said...

Warmer beaches do get crowded. Not so much the cold, northern ones--unless the surfing is good.

It seems like there is organic art to be found anyplace in California where sufficient raw materials have accrued. Nothing lasts for very long tho'.

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Yep, there is always a fort or two on the beaches up here. I've stumbled upon a few in the forests too.

lisa said...

Heh...looks like the set of "Lost". Very peaceful.