Winter in the back 40

Pretty colors in morning light.


A lot of basic green tho'.


I don't get to see who visits the birdbath during the afternoons much any more. One day again I'll be a man of leisure. For now, I'm a working stiff. It's nice to be wanted, anyway.


The aeoniums go dormant in summer and basically sit there. Winter is their growing season.


Also the Cestrum elegans. Heavy bloom, coming soon.


I moved the dracaena outside a few years ago when the kittens were inclined to climb it. And knock it over. And make a big mess. Maybe I can bring it back inside now. They've mellowed out some. Anyway, I'm impressed it's done so well outside although it must be agonizingly root-bound. Guy does not love houseplants. Getting it back inside will be an uphill battle. Once it's back inside, I think he'll get used to it. I'll do it when he's gone, I guess.

In the meantime, I have a lot of pruning to do...



Lisa said...

What a fine way to start my work week-Plants & Sculpture. Thank-you.

Our Boxing Day storm has finally washed away and I spied a lone daffodil making a valiant attempt to surface. It will soon be covered by another blanket of snow.
Ah, spring...


Annie in Austin said...

The birds are lucky - that's a gorgeous birdbath. Is that really moss encircling the outside? I do miss seeing moss!

Good luck with sneaking in the dracaena.

Country Mouse said...

Ah pruning schmuning - I like the tendrils on the sweet little cherub! That said - well, ya I also have a lot of pruning to do!