Thursday morning garden

I indulged in a bit of gardening this morning. Well, I watered a bit.


Not sure if anything really needed watering except the containers, but I have full rain barrels so what the heck.


The Camassia are just about done. This has been a very reliable bulb for me, although it took a couple years to really get going. Considering that it's edible (at least to humans; though not very tasty), I am surprised the possums and raccoons have not tried to dig it up for themselves the way they do everything else whether it is edible or not (except the daffodils).




Those are all different flowers on the same plant, btw. And my favorite Pacific coast iris hybrid is blooming too--very prolifically. I know someone somewhere told me they thought this flower was awful. Was it one of you? Maybe it was someone in my family. Obviously, I do not care.



The colors make a totally unplanned but harmonious match with Stipa arundinacea and Phormium 'Black Adder', although I don't have a picture to show that.


Also blooming: Cow parsnip (Heracleum lanatum), a vigorous re-sower I grow for the foliage as much as the flowers. Here, however, the foliage is all my beloved tree fern.


Cestrum elegans, the best cestrum for part sun of the three I have trialed in my garden (others were C. auranticum, and C. nocturnum). This one flowers almost year round. Scentless, unfortunately.


And the native perennial bunch grasses are all blooming, such as they are. The birdbath needs to be moved. Sigh. And I just got it standing straight up again.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Anyone who told you that Iris is awful is insane. Its beautiful

Anonymous said...

I think you should take a picture of that Stipa/Phormium/Iris combination. It sounds intriguing.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

It all looks beautiful(-: I love iris and have a lot of them. My Grandfather use to call them "flags" for some reason. He was from the midwest. I am thinking because they stand on a tall stem and will wave in the breeze? I don't know and he is gone now so I can not ask him. But I love them all and enjoy this time of year when they are bursting in bloom!

Kaveh Maguire said...

Cindee flag was just a common name for Iris. Probably for the reason you stated.

I'm still in love with that bird bath. I'm going to have to try to find one like that.

Jeff White said...

I like the iris. It has a 'different' look to it - the colour combination - and I like 'different' things. I'm also always fascinated by seeing what grows far away from me that I could never grow here (5b), yet has companions that do thrive here. I enjoy all your photos. Thanks.

rainymountain said...

The iris is gorgeous.
Good luck with the studying and final exams (in case we don't see you again before the big day/s).

maggie said...

The Stipa and the Phormium are ideal together. Very nice photo.