Bale Grist Mill SHP

I just realized I've had at least one winter-time blog post in California's mixed oak woodland every year that I've been blogging. I made a mental note to put up some links when I do this post next year. This year, I'm relaxing with a glass of Sauvignon blanc and I don't feel like it.

We did the two-mile RT hike (Can we get a consensus that a 2-mile trip with half-a-mile of uphill in both directions makes it a hike, not a walk?) from Bothe-Napa Valley SP to Bale Grist Mill SHP. Bale built the mill in 1843. It was last used in 1905, and fell into ruins. Restoration, began in 1979, was completed in 2000. The wheel turns and everything! The trailhead begins at a small pioneer cemetery. There are about a dozen graves, but I think one picture will suffice.



There has been nearly no rain yet this winter. None in the forecast either. The creeks are dry and the hills everywhere, usually green, are summer-brown. Statistically, at this point, it is unlikely that we will catch up to normal. I'm afraid California will burn this summer.



We'll worry about that later. Like everything else.




We see this crustose, sage green lichen on manzanita all the time. I should learn its name.






The mill. Note Guy for scale.




You don't have to walk/hike here to visit the mill. You can drive right up off Highway 128, the main road through Napa Valley. Today was my winter break's last hurrah, so I wanted bit of a hike. I go back to school tomorrow, and expect to go blog-silent for most of the next few months. :|

Admission to the mill is $3, and that includes a guided tour if you want one.




Or, you can guide yourself.



Pun warning.



rainymountain, Canada said...

Good luck with the last lap of your Master's. I hope that, once you have finished, you won't be too busy to continue blogging on a regular basis. This is a great blog with visits to some fascinating places.

Brent said...

I was just in the same area over New Years. I hadn't ever visited before, but I can't wait to return.

Good luck on classes.

Bonnie Story said...

Wow, I guided horseback rides for years next door at Bothe. Bringing back the memories! I will miss your blogging during your break. Will you still tweet? Hope so. take care!

lisa said...

The mill is impressive, but I liked the pun best. Our trees in WI have that same lichen, it seems to overtake some of them. Good luck with the studies, you're already a blog-Master! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I've heard of this mill, but never really gave any thought to a visit until reading this post. It is now on my list of Bay Area Things to See & Do. Good luck with finishing up your schooling.