The Garden of June Rains

We got quite a bit of rain yesterday. The Bay Area got more rain in June this year than it did in January. That hasn't happened since the Gold Rush. To commemorate, this morning the kitties got some supervised release.


The garden has gotten away from me. Ahem. I'm removing plants now, and doing lots of pruning. I'm not going to buy any plants in 2011.


Haha--just kidding. I'm sure I'll buy something. No plans to do so right now, however.


The buckeye didn't bloom this year, again. It has never bloomed. I see young buckeyes blooming all over the place...but not in my garden. I think it's because I've over-amended the soil with mulch and compost, so plants grows more leaves than flowers. Well, I'm done with that. Hopefully all this lush growth is depleting the soil and making everyone a little bit less...complacent.


Well, leaves are okay. I'm quite fond of branches and stems too.


Some clematises are on the way out. I have a couple vines making new buds right now. More on those later.


We have the last of the foxglove. Where I can, I'm letting them make seed. Unfortunately, the tall, expiring spikes tend to lean into the paths. That was fun for a while, but I'm over it. Snip, snip.


Dahlias are just coming in. Except for one plant, I grew all my dahlias from seed. In pots last year, this year most of them have been moved into the ground.


The garden has four passionflowers. Two are blooming: Passiflora sanguineolenta,


and P. citrina.


Meanwhile, the compost bin is getting a lot of action.



Anonymous said...

So, what are you going to do with all that compost if you're done adding it to your soil?

chuck b. said...

Containers maybe? I think if you just leave compost in the pile it eventually just goes away. Poof!

In any case, I might take the top off the pile and put it in the green bin for waste collection.