Practicing patience

This painful second quarter of the allegedly part-time Master's program I'm in takes up every minute of my time. I have scarcely seen the garden since Bloom Day, and I only saw it then because it was Bloom Day. What's more depressing is that next year will be like this too, because it's a 2-year program. I hope when it's all done I'll find a career for myself that will help pay for years and years of future gardening.

Here are some Hipstamatic shots whose moody aesthetics aptly reflect the dream-like state of memory in which the garden exists for me now.

This is on the deck outside our bedroom window, which is the one place I'm guaranteed to have some interaction with my otherwise avidly pursued avocation. The Anemone coronaria are like $.20 each, and they grow very reliably. I would get some if I were you.

Some blue anenomes on my deck, if you're interested

The other deck has the Hardenbergia violacea on it, and it's also a nice, cheering site. If there are any bees around, I'm sure they're visiting it.

If I go down into the garden, it actually hasn't changed much in the last few months. There is no cover of snow of course, so the plants are there as they always are. There just isn't much happening. Nothing leafing out. Nothing about to flower for a few months. Nothing dieing back. While I do have a lot of garden elements that don't change much throughout the year--the fuchsias and abutilons bloom constantly--there is always something coming or going. Not so much right now. What's come is still here and what's gone is gone. It like that for a few months every year before the changes start to happen.

Rosa mutabilis


Kate said...

It's quite pretty, esp the Anemones. Good luck with your program, I hope it starts not being such a time suck.

Laguna Dirt said...

all so pretty! good luck with your program!

Christopher C. NC said...

What is your masters degree in? Blue anemones or hipstamatic color?

Town Mouse said...

Chuck, those anemones are stunning, especially with the succulents in the background! As for the master's degree, I'm so sorry you're not enjoying it, and hope you'll find it worthwhile looking back.

Brent said...

Good luck!

lisa said...

I feel your pain. When I was working full-time with a 2 1/2 hour daily commute, I felt like a spectator in my own garden. I took more than I gave, just letting it revive me and drinking it in, weeds and all. But being long time unemployed with opportunity is yet a different stressor..."having" the time doesn't necessarily get me out there. It truly IS a "horse apiece", so enjoy how you can, as you can I say! :)