I hate to write letters like this.

But I'll do it. And I'll put it on the blog.

6 August 2010

Target National Bank
PO Box 59317
Minneapolis, MN 55459-0317

Dear Sir or Madam,


In light of the recent news reports that Target executives have donated upwards of $4000 to political groups opposed to same-sex marriage in my state, I have decided to close my Target account and not shop at your store anymore. I am deeply offended that Target’s leaders support amending my state’s constitution to deprive me and my spouse of the legal rights we deserve, and have worked hard to attain.

I take it for granted that today’s retailers make financial decisions while in possession of considerable personal information about their customers. It is only fair that customers do the same.

I have attached my destroyed credit card. Please close the account immediately.


[redacted for web publication]

cc. Gregg Steinhafel, Target CEO


Mark Delepine said...

Good for you and I'll avoid them too. (Home Depot is another one which supports Republican causes.) Lets just hope that when the current case gets to the supreme court that reason carries as much weight as it did in the latest appeal.

Denise said...

Excellent way to get the point across. Good for you!

Christopher C. NC said...

Take that Target. Even better you put it on the world wide web.

Soon. Equality is coming soon.

Julie said...

I wonder about this in my state! I would do the exact same thing...I am happy for your actions!

Phillip Oliver said...

I applaud you! I'm very upset with Target. I shop there often because I despise going to Wal-Mart. Now there is nowhere to shop!

lisa said...

Good for you, painful to see how narrow minded people / companies are.

Queer by Choice said...

Yes, good for you. I'm not shopping there anymore either. I don't have a card to cancel, but I have shopped there fairly often until now, for the same reason as Phillip.

mama k said...

Yay! Work it, sweetie!

Bonnie Story said...

Right on!!!

ryan said...

I never seem to be a customer of companies that I want to boycott.

Katie said...

Darn skippy.

There is always an alternative that is local and family-owned, no matter where you live.

weeder1 said...

good for you! I don't have a target card to cancel but I will not shop there any more. Besides, they are closing all their nursery sections.

Phytophthora said...

Hi Chuck, thanks for posting your letter. I hate to say, while I don't have a Target card, I do frequently shop there. We Anericans have no greater vote than where we spend our money. So, no more Target shopping for me. Thanks again!