Full sun in the small city garden

And it's nice. We spend half the summer under thick fog.




Besides, it's about 70 deg F.

I trust you're familiar with the general state of chaos...


Let's focus on close-ups.

Here are three of the six anise swallowtail caterpillars (Papilio zelicaon) whose progress I monitor daily.

I've started to move these guys on to other plants.

I don't know how much longer it will be before they pupate, but I moved a few of them on to other fennel plants today.


They've almost eaten this one down to the nubbins. I hope spreading them out a little bit will help increase their chances of survival too.

Catepillars absorb chemicals through their skin so I never touch them. I snipped off the leaves each was on and set the whole thing in another plant.


Fennel is nice in the garden, but it only exacerbates my fine texture problem.


In my next garden, I'll plant fennel en masse instead of here-and-there. I thought adding a dozen or so dill plants would help tie everything together, but the dill isn't growing very well this year. (I don't know if that would have worked anyway, but I like the wild vigor of dill and fennel.)


Pale pink Clarkia bottae.



Leaning leeks



Verbena bonariensis and Psoralea pinnata.




As far as I know, this has nothing to do with the garden, I just feel like mentioning it: I've been sneezing and congested almost continuously since March! I've gone through crates of Kleenex and Claritin. I thought perhaps I had a sinus infection. My doctor agreed and put me a course of antibiotics (moxifloxacin) but nothing has changed. She also directed me to irrigate my sinuses, and that hasn't changed anything either. I'm not sure whether I should follow up with her again, or continue live with it for awhile longer. Mostly I was concerned about what might happen with an uncontrolled sinus infection, but after 10 days on antibiotics, I doubt I have an infection. I don't especially want to take a steroid (e.g., fluticasone, Flonase). I doubt there's anything else she can do.

So, yeah.



Gilia caitata



It occurred to me today this very pale sage-green Lepechinia could be used in a white garden, and there are quite a few California native plants you could do that with.


I grew this plant from seed, but I don't remember the species. I had seed of two species. One grew a plant and the other did not, but I didn't keep records. Tsk, tsk.


Oookaaay. I've got other stuff I should be doing today, as always. The blog post comes up an abrupt stop under the back steps.



Unknown said...

Lovely full-sun shots! I really like the close-up of the allium (can't remember if it's your leaning leek, and too lazy to scroll up) with all the back in the background. Nice.

By the way, I <3 my neti pot. Couldn't get through the spring, this two-week stretch of tree pollen in the summer, or any part of September without it. But weird that you suddenly are dealing with allergies... you and Guy didn't change any sort of laundry detergent or cleaning supplies back in March, did you? Or bring new furniture home, or...?

Unknown said...

(Oops. Should say "all the bLack in the background" instead. Missed an "l" there.)

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Looking beautiful as always! Love the caterpillars(-: I need to plant some fennel next year. I will make a note to myself to do that. Do the caterpillars just show up?
I also have that verbena on a stick (-: ...Lovely plants aren't they? They just set things off in the yard for me. I love them!

As for allergies you are not alone! Everyone I know has had terrible allergies this year. You might want to try Allegra. It seems to work differently then Clairtin. Just a thought(-:

I did have a bout of flu that lasted 3 weeks. It was lung related and with my asthma made for a horrible experience! I have heard that the cough from that can last up to 6 weeks! Mine lasted 3 it was so annoying!
I am glad that is over! Someone also mentioned that we haven't had the normal heat wave here and that could be adding to the allergies this year! Whatever it is I wish it would go away!!!!
Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

It's really not fair that you still have Gilia capitata when it's nearly July. Mine are all done for the year. In fact, all my native annuals are basically done for the year except the poppies.

Your caterpillars are wonderful. The only caterpillars I've seen in my yard have been a plain dark gray, and I have no idea what they grow up to turn into.

Christopher C. NC said...

Chaos looks to be a mutual theme for us this week. More of mine coming. Chaos certainly has its charms.

Lola said...

Chaos is good. Love the cluster of blue pots in the last pic.
Not to offend, but CiNdEe how do I leave a comment on your blog?

lisa said...

Heh, "chaos" is my overall garden theme! :) If you keep suffering, you may want to see an allergist. They can test you to see exactly what you're allergic to, then treat accordingly. Made a HUGE difference for me.