I was procrastinating in the garden this morning

Taking pictures and moving things around. That rose on the left for instance. I had David Austin's 'Charlotte' in that spot


But I removed her and put this containerized 'Honey Bouquet' there instead. Charlotte's a nice rose but I think the container works better here. And looks better too.


The flowers you see are Anagallis monellii and Specularia speculum, plants I got from Annie's Annuals last fall.

Specularia speculum, Anagallis monellii

Then I found a home for this container clematis named 'Parisienne' that I got for half off in the discount section at my local nursery. I always go straight to the discount section.


I had a 'hole' between some plants under the deck stairs--a perfect spot for a big pot. The clematis can climb on the grape vine.

This purple columbine popped up next to the bronzy heucheras.

Aquilegia and HOY-ker-a, a happy accident.

Since I have a blue-purple (blurple) theme, here are two Cobaea scandens flowers in the hours before they turn purple. I wish the flower would stay like this forever.

Wouldn't it be great if Cobaea scandens stopped right here instead of turning dark purple?

Yet more blurple (more purple than blue), Veilchenblau.

Rosa 'Veilchenblau'

I'm trying to decide if Mimulus aurantiacus is a good companion plant for this rose.

Mimulus aurantiacus

They flower at the same time. And the mimulus flowers sort of talk to the 'Veilchenblau' stamens. Furthermore, their different forms are compatible. Mimulus is a low bush; 'Veilchenblau' climbs on the railing above it.

I have bronze fennel in here too (3 of them), hopefully harmonizing with both and providing some foliage contrast.

bronze fennel, Veilchenblau rose

I'm not working anywhere else in the garden currently.




Verbena bonariensis, Echium pininana


We can go back to the blurple theme for a minute, or lavender, I guess. Bartlettina sordida, the giant aster showing its aster-ness. Not here,

Bartlettina sordida

But here:

Bartlettina sordida

When the flowers fade the seeds blow around like dandelion seeds.

Here's a plant you probably haven't seen before. It's called Cedronella canariensis. I got seeds from the CalHort seed exchange a couple years ago. The foliage has a strong, wonderful scent--sort of lemony, I guess. The flowers are pretty too I think.

Cedronella canariensis

This is a Lamiaceae with the squarest stems you have ever seen. I haven't seen much information about this plant, but it's described in Botanica.
"The genus consists of a single species endemic to the Canary Islands. Its distinctive feature is the compound leaves consisting of three leaflets, unusual in the mint family which usually have simple leaves...the leaves are used in herbal tea."
It's about four feet tall in a raised bed. Long stems arch from the base and end in short spikes of 2-lipped flowers. You can detect the arch in the angle of the picture above--the flowers tend to present at 45 degree angles. More flowering stems emerge from the leaf axils. It shares space with Fuchsia fulgens in my garden.

Cedronella canariensis, Fuchsia fulgens

Did someone say fuchsia?

Fuchsia boliviana 'Alba'

You're tired of seeing 'Alba', I know. I have 'Rubra' too--three of them--but they are young and have not begun to flower. I hope they'll start this year. In the meantime, there is 'Alba'.

Fuchsia boliviana 'Alba'

Behind it is this plant I enjoy so much, another giant aster from the cloud forest, Senecio cristobalensis.

Senecio cristobalensis

It's a very dark plant, but it has a lot of color when you're next to it. I love those purple pubescent stems. Purple! There's that color again.

There it is in the throat of this passionflower.


I would like the passionflower to knit together a canopy of sorts in the Tibouchina. You can't train passionflowers. They tend to do what they want.


Anyway, that's some of what's going on right now. I must return to the task I was working on before I took this little break to blog.


Unknown said...

Veilchenblau is gorgeous... and I vote for keeping the monkey flower next to it. You're right, its orange "speaks" to the stamens of the rose in a really nice way.

I don't agree with you on the cobaea, though... I like them better when they get deeper in color. (I'm not a pink girl.) Keep the blurple coming! Unless that 'Rubra' starts flowering...

Julie said...

You just have the most beautiful things in your garden...all of them...I feel relaxed now!!! Thanks.

Les said...

Passion Vine is one of my noxious weeds. Perhaps if its flowers were as showy as yours, I would let a few stick around.

Phillip Oliver said...

I always enjoy the vibrant colors in your garden and the unusual plants. Lovely clematis and I like the birdhouse. How are you liking 'Veilchenblau'?

PetuniaPotpie said...

Yay for blurple!

Jenn said...

I love seeing your fuschias, Chuck. One of the plants I miss growing, and the variety you have always makes my eyes pop. It's fab.

Town Mouse said...

Why Veilchenblau is so purple is beyond me -- shouldn't it be Veilchenlila?

Reagardless, it does go well with the Mimulus...

Irrigations Systems said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful garden. Funny you should mention the Cedronella. I think I have seen something like that before and was very curious as to what it is. I will check when I get a chance because they grow into very interesting looking plants.