Bloom Day

I still have two more blog posts to write from my weekend in Sacramento, but this is Bloom Day and that comes first.

April is usually an exciting month in my garden. Not this April.

Iris + Skipper

It was kind of exciting when the skipper climbed inside the iris for a drink while I was standing there with my camera.

Iris + Skipper

It's kind of exciting to see the Bartlettina start to flower.

Bartlettina sordida

There's pretty much nothing exciting about 2 nasturtium flowers.


Raspberry flowers are exciting so close up, but not as exciting as picking actual raspberries.


Being lightly scented, apple flowers are only marginally more exciting than raspberry flowers.


The huge, glorious Fremontodendron we saw in the cemetery last weekend renders my little sapling totally unexciting.


The very few wildflowers we have blooming right only seem to emphasize how very few wildflowers we have blooming right now.


The excitement surrounding
Fuchsia fulgens
would be greatly increased by having tons of flowers instead of a mere half-dozen at the end of one stem.

Fuchsia fulgens

Okay, it's pretty exciting to think we'll soon have four poppy flowers on one plant, especially because we have four more poppy plants.


The cineraria would've been more exciting if it had retained some of the dramatic, electric blues it's known to have and not reverted back to the generic magenta.


And finally, the Triteleia bulbs would have been more exciting if any one of them had sent up more than one umbel. But noooo.


I hope your Bloom Day was more exciting than mine. If not, perhaps you found something more exciting at May Dreams.


Queer by Choice said...

Your Bartlettina looks fascinating. I don't remember you posting pictures of that one before. And your Fremontodendron is gorgeous too, even if it's not on a par with the cemetery one. Give it time and it'll get there!

Christopher C. NC said...

What a disappointment. And there were flowers I did not take pictures of because it was just too much for one post. The Bartlettina is exciting even if it is a lot like a giant ageratum. Are those nasturtium leaves freakishly huge?

Neil said...

my yard is the same. growing lots just no flowers yet...

Brad said...

Condolences on your mediocre bloom day. My nasturtium went from no flowers two weeks ago, to more than I could count yesterday. Even with just the one umbel each the triteleia bulbs are really cool. Nice photo. I like the light.

Ann Atkinson said...

You make me laugh! Did you pay those 2 nasturtiums to stand next to each other?! If you saw MY fremontodendron compared to yours, you would be jubilant. I'm guessing next month will be tremendous in your garden ;-) Oh - and I killed a Bartlettina so fast taking it from Richmond to Cloverdale. Yours is great!

Anonymous said...

What a card you are, Chuck! And that Christopher, rubbing it in, HA. How about those raspberries? I know we planted them the same year and this is going to be the over the top, raspberries out the whazoo year if the number of flowers are any indication of what is to come. Some might even make it into the house. While the nasturtium flowers might not excite you, those leaves certainly do the trick for me, they look to be as big as a plate! :-)

Angela said...

As always, I'm envious. You have real blooms!

Sylvana said...

That iris is awesome. I'm sure it doesn't grow here because it is too awesome, but I will be on the lookout for it!

Town Mouse said...

Oh, come on! I actually think that often less is more. I was so thrilled about my one Iris innominata blossom, all the other showy Iris paled for me.
But maybe more is more ;->

Happy Bloom Day!

lisa said...

Pish pash! I think your blooms are VERY exciting! :)