Kauai Nursery & Landscaping

We've driven by this nursery several times over the years we've been coming to Kauai. This time we finally stopped in to take a look. What a delight! Don't you enjoy visiting nurseries wherever you go?


Fabulous containers. Click the pictures to enjoy larger file sizes.


They sell many meant for water gardens.


I particularly liked these with the rough surfaces.


But they had many nice glazed pots too.


Here are some of the water gardens.


Why ever grow canna in soil when you can grow it in water? (Note: it was quite windy, hence the wind-blown look.)



This long rock wall planted with bromeliads, ferns, and other epiphytes equals anything you'll see at a resort or botanical garden.


So many varieties for sale. We can grow some of these plants in some outdoor garden conditions in northern California, but mostly these are houseplants for us.




I would totally grow pineapple.



I didn't catch this guy's name, but it was huge. A good 4' across in its pot.


Extensive selection of palms of many different species.


I guess Coleus is the Hawaiian heuchera.


Insane leaf margin!


I think I'd also grow all the fruit and spice trees I possibly could.


I haven't looked this up yet to find out what it is.


Citrus. I've never seen this shape of nursery pot before.


Right now I can't recall ever seeing a rose in Hawaii before this. Well, they seemed happy in the pot.


It was lovely to see tables of the very familiar South African Gazanias we grow as bedding in California. I'd have some of these in my Hawaiian garden too.



Kathryn/plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.com said...

Nice journey! Thanks for sharing. Shocked there are no roses in Hawaii!

Nicole said...

Love those shell pots, and loads of ideas. Hmm, coleus as the tropical huechera, never thought of that but its true.

Christopher C. NC said...

Nice looking nursery. It puts the one on Maui that I shopped at for 20 years to shame. Plants in nice rows with prices marked. Imagine that. It was a worse mess now than when I left.

The big 4 foot across thing is a Bird's Nest Fern and hate to tell you but your first coleus picture is of begonias.

Roses do fine in Hawaii if you don't mind doing all the maintenance, sprays and potions they need and besides they are so mainland.

Julie said...

Oh, I love those lacey edged coleus!!! Such color!!! The water gardens are specacular!!! Beautiful nursery...and to answer your question...yes, I love to visit new nurseries all the time!!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Great glazing on those pots at the top. really naturalistic patina. Love it!

Bonnie Story said...

Wow!! A botanical garden without the admission fee. I love the sumo-sized orchid pots with holes in the first pic of the pots. You can grow pineapple, indoors, from just about any cut-off pineapple top from the store, or so I hear. Of course it wouldn't be as happy I guess. That array of epiphytes (sp?) is stunning. Another great journey!

Kaveh Maguire said...

Yes love visiting nurseries when I go on trips! Love those little water gardens. And I believe that type of pot is called a citrus liner or citrus pot. :)

Bree said...

I love it when someone geeks out over a leaf margin:)

Unknown said...

It would be so hard to go here and not try to buy a bunch of stuff that I couldn't take home with me.