The Nice Day Garden

Tomorrow there is big rain. With strong winds.

The buckeye leafs out!

Nice light in the garden today at lunch.

Another name for this blog post could be The Garden of Dappled Sunlight. I like it, but some people would complain about too much fine texture.

That's a lot of fine texture. Do I care? Nope.

I don't usually complain about too much fine texture until July.

I should have taken this picture before I cut off all the lower leaves of the Echium pininana so I can navigate that corner better:


Or, just show the close-up.


Per Bonnie Story's advice in the comments, I'm totally ignoring my artichoke and hoping that it will love me more.


Raspberries, y'all! I never got around to pruning them, or even figuring out how I should prune them. Maybe I'll do that next year.

'Caroline' raspberries

Favas will be here for another month or so, and then the tomatoes go in. Well, I haven't even started the tomatoes yet. Maybe two months.


My cherries popped!


And up on the roof, tulips!

Tulips y'all. (No flower-hating foliage lovers allowed! That means U!)

And tulips with Agave gentryi 'Jaws':



Julie said...

Ooooh...a roof garden!!! Love it! Especially the tulips and agave together!!!

Christopher C. NC said...

It has been a while since any cherries have popped around here.

I think your rain turns into my snow. Quit it.

Noelle Johnson said...

Dappled sunlight indeed :^) Such beauty in your garden...love the cherry blossoms.

lisa said...

Tulips and agave...like leather and lace! Glad to see your cherries popping, mine have another month to go :)

Bonnie Story said...

Oh my goodness, you honor me so!! Go, artichoke, go - don't fail me now! If you don't hop to it I'll advise ramping up the neglect program, and moving you to the parking strip out front with no water -- but you would just love that, wouldn't you, arti? Anyway, that's delightful. I am so far from cherry-poppin' up here in Wa-land... still very tight buds, the pre-spring suspense is killin' me about now. Wonderful to see your dappled garden! Good luck with the storm, we are having the north end of that same system right now. Not too bad so far. Where I live they like to use the term "breezy" - in CA breezy means a piece of paper may blow off a tabletop. Here, it means a barn may blow off a hilltop. Oy!!

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to prune the raspberries? Uh oh. And ignore the artichoke? This is the go to blog for gardening instructions! The buckeye is the warrior against the little leaf syndrome, it looks fab! As does the sunlight, we have barely seen the sun at all this 2010 year.

Greg Draiss said...

I am jealous.....7 feet of snow fell nearby this week. I am left to only have a few herbs in my grow room to pick

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

I wish I knew where you lived so I could steal that agave! :)

lisa said...

BTW, I'm having a seed giveaway at my blog if you're interested in free seeds :)

Matti said...

Chalk me up to take your Echium pininana too, lol. That is fantastic...caught my eye immediately. For some reason, Echium give me that Dr. Seuss feeling.