On the way to the hardware store.

Tiny crocuses blooming on my front steps:


The fireman a few doors down is getting a whole new house. I think the cozy cabin is coming along faster.


Dutch iris growing in a crack. Tough as nails.


Seemed like everyone was out and about today.









Solanum rantonnetii

I don't think this wall of roses ever blooms quite like the gardener expected it too.


But I'm sure it keeps people from writing graffiti on the side of her house.






The hardware store's in the blue building.


Why am I going to the hardware store? Some milk boiled over on the stove and nothing I do seems to clean it up. A friend recommended this product.

The walk home goes a little bit faster.





Bernal Heights has a few slides.


Does this help you catch some air?


We're almost home.


It's time to stop.



Unknown said...

Um... are those really aeoniums that look like they're as big as cabbages in the one raised bed?!

Seriously, sometimes I feel like I'm looking through a Dr. Seuess book when you post photos of your local landscape... :)

Christopher C. NC said...

Is it even possible my tiny little cabin is being built faster than someone else's house? I'll feel even better if the fireman is using real contractors.

I really like the potted plant collection on the driveway before the giant aeoniums and the aloe arborescens are one of my favorites.

Slides? You have public slides for transportation? How bizarre and fun.

Pam/Digging said...

There is always so much color on your neighborhood tours. I love seeing those aloes in bloom. Just popped by from Germi's blog, and she was wowing us with them too.

Julie said...

Oh God, why can't I live in California????? The stars of this wonderful show were the succulents!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Tira said...

My faves are the 3 in a row with aloe blooms. Amazing how the combo with the most "pedestrian" agave Americana look so stunning

Les said...

I really envy being able to grow those blooming Aloes outside. Love the slides! I have always had a fantasy of using roller coasters as public transportation, SF would be a good place to test them. What are the trees with the yellow blooms?

Anonymous said...

The Financier has always had a dream of having a slide that took one from the bed to a chair at the kitchen table. We never could work out the logistics to build it.


We do feel energized after that walk. Were you making hot cocoa with the milk?

Matti said...

Lots of beautiful gardens. I am a fan of those aeoniums. What I have to ask is where is that awesome slide in Bernal Heights? I have to check it out next time we take Max the border collie to the Bernal Heights dog park.

chuck b. said...

The slide is at Winfield and Esmeralda. You need to sit on a piece of cardboard or a folded paper bag to slide down it very well. You can usually find those things discarded in the playground, but with recent rains...

Annie in Austin said...

It's totally not fair that you can have warm-climate, Dr Seuss (thanks, Kim!) succulents and still have crocus growing.
Love the walk to the hardware store, Chuck!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

PS have used powder form BKF for eons but haven't seen the liquid...looks very useful

chuck b. said...

Les, those are acacias... and sitting here right now I'm not sure now what species.

Frances, my new drink since Christmas, when Guy got a verrry large bottle of Baileys, is Baileys with milk and ice. Mmmmm....

Kim, not trying to boast but those aeoniums are bigger than cabbages. :)

Christopher, the fireman has a crew of *three* and it still seems like very slow going.

Thank you all for coming by and all your comments about the slide totally cracked me up!

Everyone, go visit the aloes that Pam mentioned here, http://thegerminatrix.com/?p=777

lisa said...

Kim is right-between the slides and the cool plants, your neighborhood IS very Seussian! The recent rains really have your landscape popping.

rainymountain said...

Thanks for the walk down to the Hardware Store and back - what a delight to see somewhere has plants and flowers and colours.

Gail said...

So much beautiful color and variety! I am going to have to rush out and get more succulents! It was heart warming to see on a cool and gray morning~~thank you! gail

JvA said...

Do you know this Bernal house?


It was recently featured here:

Hope to see you next weekend! I'm busy post-7:00 p.m. on Friday, but don't have any other specific plans. Glass of Italian wine in your hood?

Propagatrix said...

Cole Hardware is truly the hangout place of the gods. Love them.

Molly said...

Just learned about your blog from Cactus Blog. I'm in Bernal, too. More of a garden appreciator than a gardener, so I'm happy to see you're here.