Wordless Wednesday

Arctostaphylos bakeri 'Louis Edmunds'

Montanoa grandiflora





Cobaea scandens


Agave gentryii 'Jaws'


Angela said...

Jealous!! My garden is a dirt patch now.

Town Mouse said...

Great pics! Say, do you know that that succulent in the gnome photo is?

chuck b. said...

The one with the long thin fingers is a South African named Cotyledon orbiculata var longifolium. It's one of my favorite plants and I can send you a piece or two if you're interested. It's very easy to grow and propagate and does well in pots.

For some reason it's not widely available. It can get a little rugged looking, I guess. Might be a hard sell at a nursery. Mine all came from my grandfather's garden.

The flower is my favorite on any succulent. Here is a picture of the same plant with a different leaf shape at the San Francisco Botanical Garden: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3158/2847025406_034783e02f_b.jpg

chuck b. said...

Here's another picture. I love the way it looks in pots.


Bonnie Story said...

Makin' me sho'nuff miss Cali right now. It has been colder than a welldigger's buns in January around Seattle. Gittin sick of it. Oy!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love those roof top shots, Chuck. Very artsy and the plants look fabulous too. What a blue sky!


ryan said...

Who needs words when you have a garden gnome.

lisa said...

I have a word: Supergardengnomealimeusextraflowerlicious! :)

red studio said...

Beautiful! Love the red thorns on that Agave.