We have a break in the weather, and I'm done with my classes for the semester. I did another stairway walk today.

This one starts across the street from the Forest Hill walk we did last summer.


Remember the giant urn? There's one over here too.


As stairway walks go, this one was very disappointing. It included no stairs. You'd think stairs would be a prerequisite.

These stairs were off the map. I had to go find them.


Anyhoo, here is what we did see.




One of the most common flower combinations this time of year, Chasmanthe sp. and Salvia leucantha.

Chasmanthe and Salvia leucantha

And leucadendrons, so popular with gardeners in the last few years, have started to reach mature sizes in front yards all over town. This was one was blazing bright.


Behind this flax were some gigantic Limonium perezii, 3 feet tall and wide.


I don't think I've ever seen a Callistemon hedge before.

Callistemon hedge

For the most part, it worked.

Callistemon hedge




Sometimes you just want to shout, "Stop, stop, stop!"

Stop, stop, stop!

But I have no power to stop anything. People have the liberty to do whatever they want. I wouldn't have it any other way. Neither perhaps would the Church of Perfect Liberty.

the Church of Perfect Liberty.

At one point the path took us through open space.


Do they call it "open space" where you are too? Do you ever think about that?


The open space was mostly weeds.


With some native restoration underway.


And some views obscured (or if you prefer, framed) by cypress and eucalyptus.


This is the house on the edge of open space.


And here's someone's scary foot bridge over open space.


Open space.


Amazing grace.


In your face.


You might be surprised that San Francisco has a lot of unimproved roads, but we do.


The ground here is very unstable. I'm not sure that it's even worth improving every road.


The road might get twisted around.


Walls are the big thing now.


Walls and stairs.


and open space.



When you can find some.



Christopher C. NC said...

I feel kind of stoned now after that walk in the green space. What a lovely walk. Who needs stairs when you have space.

weeder1 said...

Thanks for another fine walk! I have missed your postings. Welcome back!

Ann Atkinson said...

What a cheery post! Loved the STOP STOP STOP - I'm assuming at the circle planting :-OO oh no. We don't have "Open Space" in Cloverdale. But we have open space around us. They're called ranches and vineyards, I think ;-)

Anonymous said...

That foot bridge over the open space looks terrifying!

Karyl said...

I really enjoyed this post. You are on the far side of the country from me but I feel like it must be a different hemisphere. It;s so different than what I know! It's lovely to see your few - thank you.

Les said...

I another great walkabout. I don't know which is scarier, the houses perched on the hill, or those two shots of gardens surrounded by paving, looking like some kind of tablescape.

Please enjoy your time off, and I hope you have happy holidays.

Noelle Johnson said...

Your photos bring back so many wonderful memories of my visits to SF. There is nothing more special then a clear day (no fog) and a camera to take photos of the beautiful surroundings. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck, stairs should be a requisite, but it was still fun to join you, as always. Walking the plank on the one house was positively horrifying, I do hope that was not the only way in! Open space is not a concept here. Maybe they call it farmland, or farmed land, or just land. Our population density is very light, but there is hardly any flat ground too. Those planting combinations are great. I am learning the CA plantings from reading the CA blogs. Enjoy your open space on your calender with no class. :-)

The Dirt Guy said...

Great post Chuck. I was just commenting to someone how few of us in this area take the time to appreciate and enjoy the fantastic surroundings. You take it a step further by taking us all along on your walks. I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing. Matt

rebecca Sweet said...

I love this post!! Makes me think of one of my favorite stair-walks I'd take when I lived there many moons ago...only yours seems much more interesting (can't remember the name of the streets). Love the scary foot bridge...and your brief, but oh-so-funny comments....

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

Your walks and commentary are a wonderful art form!

Tamara Jansen said...

That was a GREAT walk about!

maggie said...

I love this post. What a treat after a long day.