I was very butch today

When I removed some bamboo.





It opened up a huge amount of space


and now I have to do something with it. I have literally dozens of rooted cuttings and seedlings of trees and shrubs... I have this cherry in a pot.


I have two of them actually. I could plant that one.

I have a half-dozen Lobelia tupa I grew from seed. One could go here for sure.


I have a few big pots I could use here too. Will a rambling rose live okay in a pot for a few years? I have several ramblers that could find somewhere to climb and entwine here.


Cantua buxifolia 'Hot Pants' would be a very sensible choice here, and I have that in a 6" pot I got at my local nursery for half off.


Lots to think about.

I took out half the clump in one piece which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.



The purple undersides of Senecio cristobalensis against blue sky.


It's the same purple pubescence that's on the new stem wood.


More purple.


Is this purple? Pelargonium sidoides.


I think it's more red. Like some of the grape leaves are starting to turn.



weeder1 said...

do keep an eye on your newly cleared space as those bamboo corms can surprise you. Hopefully you got it all....

Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

I was thinking of growing Bamboo as a privacy wall. But everyone seems to be tearing theres out. Whats your experience with it?
Jenn (4bratz2luv on Twitter)

chuck b. said...

I like bamboo, but it doesn't do anything. It just sits there and never flowers or changes color or makes fruit. Oh, it makes a big mess. Don't want to forget that.

The running kind is taking over suburbia. Stay focused on the clumping forms.

Brad B said...

Good job on the bamboo removal. Very butch indeed. To warn you, cantua buxifolia is a very odd growing plant (in form that is), or at least mine is and the two others I've seen have been. That being said, I still like it and think it's a good addition to an out-of-the-way part of the garden.

Christopher C. NC said...

Digging up bamboo is tough. Digging up bamboo without squashing everything around it is impressive. Now plant the bamboo in a big plastic pot to set inside a pretty pot and put it out street side unless you are worried about the pretty pot being stolen.

Unknown said...

Now, if you were REALLY butch, you'd have conducted a covert operation on your neighbor's backyard thicket instead! ;)

I would love to tell you which of your options I think you should choose... but frankly, I'm a little distracted by that fabulous terracotta pot with the patterning on the sides. Seriously, I'm green with envy over that thing...