My first Magda

I picked my first little Magda squash today.


I sliced it up, drizzled it w/ olive oil, added a little S&P and broiled it on high for 2 minutes.




Ben said...

Hmm I can't say I have ever had that kind of squash before, but I'm sure its lovely. I personally was raised up on butternut :D. Oh how I miss my Nanny's fried butternut squash.

chuck b. said...

Well, butternut's my favorite too, but they take so long to ripen. These little guys (or girls? Magda is a girl's name) ripen in a few weeks.

Adriana said...

It's so itty bitty!

Bay Area Tendrils said...

And so the 2009 garden nosh commences... with such lovely, succulent looking, tasty bits! Moi, a mountain of tarragon already. A favorite herb both fresh and dried. (maybe sprinkle some on Magda?)

Ben said...

Hmm well I will have to try this squash then.

Ann Atkinson said...

But, what does it TASTE like??

chuck b. said...

It was a firm, full-bodied squash with nutty flavors. Not very sweet.

Christopher C. NC said...

Is that how you are supposed to eat the Magda squash, when it is small to eat the rind like a yellow squash instead of letting it grow bigger and just eating the innards?

There were some Magda in the seeds you sent me that have been planted. Now they were mixed in with other seeded squash and some were lost to the slugs and what not, so who knows what is who. One last Magda seed was planted and a cup placed around it to see if that will slow or stop the seedling killers. I'm on my third seeding of cucumbers and need to find a grasshopper control. The diatomaceous earth just gets washed away in all the rain.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Yum! I love squash(-:

I have a plant ID problem again...lol Don't you just love me bugging you?(-:
The first plant is one I started from seeds. Suppose to be marigold seeds.
The second plant is one I got from my daughters AG Class at the high school in a pony pack... geez 4 years ago? It has never bloomed before and it just now bloomed!!!!! The petals are purple/pinkish and look like the ends of sporks is all I can think of to describe it.(-: I took a picture of the foliage too.

Thanks for your help!!! This makes me crazy when I can't figure things out!!(-:

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Whoops I guess you need a link to pictures(-:

chuck b. said...

Hi CiNdEe, I don't know what those plants are. I'm pretty good with California natives, and other plants that are commonly planted in San Francisco or at the botanical gardens. But if it's not something like that, I am easily stumped, and I've never seen those before. The flower looks a little bit like Dianthus.

Hi Christopher, Yeah, the Magda is a summer squash, so I would just eat it like a zucchini or a crookneck. But like a zucchini or a crookneck, you could let a Magda get very big and then prepare it stuffed, etc. However, the longer you leave the fruit on the plant, the more you slow down production and decrease the overall harvest.

Frances said...

Hi Chuck, you beat me once again. Mine is only about two inches long, not ready for picking but I am checking it daily. The best tasting squash! :-)