Healdsburg, California

After visiting Russian River Roses, we had lunch in downtown Healdsburg, enjoyed the plaza, and took a little walk.

As @AnnieInAustin tweeted, "Sounds lovely! Wikpdia says Healdsburg a foot-friendly mecca 4 local winetastng, fine dining, boutiques & art galleries. True?"


Healdsburg 1

We used the iWant free app on Guy's new iPhone to find food. We were not picky. There's a sandwich bar at the back of Copperfield's bookstore. I had the salami sandwich (home-made salami); it was amazing.

Healdsburg 2

Healdsburg 3

Healdsburg 4

The also made coffee and gelato.

Healdsburg 5

What are people reading in Healdsburg?

Healdsburg 6

Healdsburg 7

Healdsburg 8

And they were selling t-shirts that said Support Local Food.

Healdsburg 9

Healdsburg 10

Healdsburg 11

Healdsburg 12

Healdsburg 13

Healdsburg 14

Healdsburg 15

Healdsburg 16

Healdsburg 18

Healdsburg 17

Healdsburg 19

Healdsburg 20

Healdsburg 21

Healdsburg 22

Read about Healdsburg Plaza here:
"The Plaza evolved from the stiff formality of the Italianate period to a more relaxed, naturalistic style. Near the end of the last century businessmen and developers in southern California began to promote the state as a 'tropical' paradise. Healdsburg officials were probably emulating that movement in 1897 when they planted the Plaza with exotic Canary Island Date Palms, Washington Palms, orange and lemon trees, and a profusion of rose bushes."
The small tree in this picture is one of the many orange trees whose blossoms scented the whole plaza.

Healdsburg 23

Healdsburg 24

Healdsburg 25

Healdsburg 26

Healdsburg 27

Healdsburg 28

A tree whose reputation precedes it. My first encounter with Robinia pseudoacacia, and I had to ask the world what it was! Once upon a time (before my time), these were common street trees in San Francisco. (Thank you @annieinaustin, @gardenwiseguy, @xrisfg, @kiwigardener for the ID)

Healdsburg 29

I never hear anything good about them anymore. Well, I think it's lovely.

Healdsburg 30

Departing from the town square and meandering a bit... The old Carnegie Library is now a town museum.

Healdsburg 31

Residential downtown Healdsburg = Beautiful old houses under beautiful old trees.

Healdsburg 32

Healdsburg 33

Healdsburg 34

Healdsburg 35

Healdsburg 36

Healdsburg 37

Healdsburg 38

The Camellia Inn. This picture does not do justice to its loveliness.

Healdsburg 40

Healdsburg 41

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lisa said...

I agree, the homes and trees are beautiful! Although I don't understand the blue house with all the little green meatball bushes...WTF? Homemade salami sound delish!