Tropical Topics, Maui Edition: Paia

Paia is a little town on the road to Hāna. Actually, it's the last town before you begin the road to Hāna. Therefore, Paia is your last chance to eat for approx. 30 miles on a very winding road that you must take at 10 mph (unless you want to maybe die).


So we stopped to eat the very last diner (on the right) on the road east out of Paia. I had an odd, unexpected Mediterranean-climate-moment sitting down for breakfast, enjoying the leucospermum flowers in the table arrangement as they reminded me of California, where this South African shrub is widely grown.


Paia is famous for nothing but its own cuteness as the ubiquitous Maui guide book Maui Revealed will tell you. (And actually Paia is not necessarily the last place to eat, as we saw several fruit stands and bbq shacks just on the little bit Hāna highway that we traveled today [before it started to rain, and we turned around].)


So behold the cuteness. The funky, mellow cuteness.



Paian front yards remind me a little bit of Bernal Heights, except tropical.



Well, I'm sure we have cycads in Bernal Heights like this one.


But we have no Plumeria. At least not outside.



We have lots of verdant, weedy alleys in Bernal Heights, as you may know by now.


Downtown is cute.





You know how I'm obsessed with message boards.


It's mostly rooms to rent.



While San Francisco has no shortage of them, Bernal Heights as yet has no tacky t-shirt stops.




Christopher C. NC said...

You turned around and did not drive to Hana because it was raining on the windward side of the island where they keep the rainforest? There is a saying in Maui, if you don't like the weather drive around the corner or wait five minutes.

chuck b. said...

Well, I have two more road-to-Hāna-related blog posts queued up.

Apparently, it's been raining everywhere on Maui for the last couple of weeks, so we weren't sure what to expect in terms of weather.

Annie in Austin said...

If you think that's cute, better stay away from Long Grove, IL and Fredericksburg, TX.
Can't stop laughing at the "funky mellow cuteness".

Try to have fun, Chuck ;-]


Christopher C. NC said...

Queen Tilifah did say they have been having the wettest winter in a long time. The leeward side should be nice and green. There is a native plant walk/garden right on the coast just to the left of you as you are facing the ocean in front of Wailea Point condos. That should be blooming well with the winter rains.

Weeping Sore said...

What a wonderful treat. I've never been to Hawaii, and your pictures give me the flavor of at least one place. By the time you get back home Spring will be there waiting for you to get to work outdoors. Enjoy your vacation!

lisa said...

I feel warmer just looking at your pictures. We're getting snow. :( I'm digging the funky mellow cuteness for sure! ;-)

Wicked Gardener said...

I'm so jealous - wish I were there! Any clue what that purple and lime colored plant is in the sixth picture?

Anonymous said...

Mauiworld has been fun to see on your blog. The guidebook we like that got us to some very cool places was Maui Trailblazer. Check out Olowalu Beach and bring a picnic lunch. We had a great snorkel-swim there.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

I am really enjoying the tour(-: Wish I was there too it is cold and windy/cloudy here today)-: