A little bit of Bernal Heights





On disturbed land near a road and sewer construction project that took five years to complete: wildflowers and weeds.

wildflowers and weeds

I'm at the community garden on Bernal Hill where I gave up my plot two years ago. Here is Calif. native pink-flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum) that I grew from a cutting that I took from a volunteer that was removed from the South Africa section of the SF Botanical Garden in 2006. I planted it here in 2007, and it's flowering now after receiving, I'm sure, total neglect from the community gardeners. This is the end of its bloom season; R. sanguineum flowers in winter. Meanwhile, the Ribes in my home garden hasn't flowered, ever.

Ribes sanguineum

On Bernal Hill today...

Bernal Hill

a low lupine


Ranunculus californicus

ranunculus californicus

Native Viola pedunculata.


Too early for Clarkia; must be Sidalcea...?


With such a long wand?


And this South African geophyte Sparaxis tricolor does not belong here. Odd! Someone must have planted it.

This Does Not Belong Here.

Tattooed hepcat having Zen moment on Bernal Hill on March 30, 2009?



Bernal Heights


IMG_5681 IMG_5687
IMG_5690 IMG_5778

Echium fastuosum

Echium fastuosum, Pride of Madeira. Native plant people hate on this plant, but I like it--at least for a month or two when it's flowering.

Echium fastuosum





Lilium 'Stargazer' in the Philipinio market on Cortland at Ellsworth. This is a good place to get a substantial sandwich for $4. Also, shish-kabobs, lumpia, etc, etc. 'Stargazer' was bred in California by famed lily hybridizer Leslie Woodriff. It's among the most widely sold cut flowers in the history of American horticulture. See Amy Stewart's book Flower Confidential for details.


Bay Area Tendrils said...

Great post, inspirational! Cheers, A.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Seems like it's always sunny there! I like all the wildflowers.

Les said...

I love the cinematic light pole sequence.

Bonnie Story said...

Is that the languid profile of Mt Tamalpais I spy? Love the puff-ball topiary in the little front yard. I really enjoy your photo tours!! Great sequence with the lamp-post. It is so clean - no pigeons around? ;~}

lisa said...

Looks like a great day for a walk! I sure wish my flowers would wake up already.

rosehipster said...

Love reading your blog! Seems like we're nearly neighbors! I can see Bernal Hill from my back deck. I'm sure I'll visit your blog frequently!

Frances said...

Stargazer deserves to be in every garden. It is the most fool proof lily I grow. Love your tours, welcome home.

CJ said...


You have an older post about the Cobweb thistle, starting it from seed. Did that go well? Were they red? Most places that list that seed, or plants, call it purple-red (like Annie's) and I'm trying to get the red-red-red thistle. I want it since it's a native thistle but I don't want one that's purple and looks like all the invasive ones.

cdillon said...

Place of my dreams. Someday I'll stumble onto a small rental, there in Bernal, breathe in the air and paint portraits in the heavenly heights.