UC Berkeley Bot.

Twenty pictures.


Chanomeles japonica



Arbutus menziesii + Muhlenbergia rigens





Bright green coreopsis

Phylica pubescens





Note: Theobroma cacao happily gets that big in a pot that big, and bears a cocoa pod.

Theobroma cacao

Petrea volubilis

Petrea volubilis

Petrea volubilis

And a bee movie.


Ewa said...

Hi Chuck! What a treat for eyes - thank you. Our snow is slowly melting and surely we get closer to spring every day :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck - Great post - Can you tell me what the plant in Photo #1 is? Thanks!

Les said...

My favorites are the dancing oaks and the Phylica (thanks for labeling it). I did a quick search of the Pylica to confirm what I felt had to be true, that it will not grow for us as we get too wet and too cold. It reminded me of some of those Clematis that look as good or better in seed head form than in flower.

All This Trouble... said...

Oh my goodness! Wow! I love these photos! My faves include the yellow feathery one and the Jellyfish cabbage. Oh and I love the bees. Oh AND I love your blog.

chuck b. said...

Hello, thank you...

Cloverann, that's our native pink-flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum. There are several vars and cultivars available, the most common is 'var. glutinosum'. Alas, I did not look at the plant label.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I enjoyed touring this garden! Thanks! That currant is so beautiful!

Christopher C. NC said...

Those suffused golden yellow sea anemone flowers are way cool.

Phillip Oliver said...

Wow, stunning photos. I love the one looking up to the greenhouse roof with the vine hanging down. What vine is that?

chuck b. said...

That's a white-flowering (I assume) Petrea volubilis--a Logee's plant for the continental United States.

You can roll your cursor over the picture for a name (sometimes).

gintoino said...

Great photos chuck! That Phylica pubescens is a wonderful plant. I had never seen it before.

Tira said...

Love the inspirational photos for my new garden. Our new place has several melocactus barrels growing which I'll move around accordingly.

lisa said...

I enjoyed the tour, and how you backed away (panned away?) quickly from the bees. That staghorn fern is awesome!