Staffing the kitchen cabinet?

"[Alice] Waters is not alone in sensing that the newly elected, allegedly arugula-loving president is the perfect vehicle for national food reform. His switch to local, organic, seasonal food would lead the way in fighting America's epidemic of obesity and diabetes stemming from processed food, chemicals and eating too much from the wrong end of the food chain. Author Michael Pollan envisions a White House Victory garden a la Eleanor Roosevelt's, while EattheView.org pictures a White House and its lawn ripe for planting."

A vegetable garden at the White House--wouldn't it would have to be a very formal, French-style potager? Republicans would hate that.


JvA said...

He hates beets, though.

Les said...

He hates beets? Well there is one more reason I like him.

lisa said...

I second that! Beets are disgusting...they smell like dirt. As for a garden on the White House lawn, I think it's a fantastic idea! The more people are encouraged to grow their own food, the more they will get used to the superior taste and much lower costs. Hopefully then some junk food companies can re-tool or go under!

Anonymous said...

Alice is at the Ferry Building - The Gardener with the Edible Schoolyard book. tomorrow Saturday, 13th.