Friday afternoon Botanical Garden


Salvia wagneriana

Salvia wagneriana is a massive shrub with a winter inflorescence.

S. wagneriana





As a gardener of small spaces I'm always trying to intergrade plants. I rather like the forced association of aloe and leucadendron.




Grevilia lavandulacea


Banksia 1

Banksia 2

Banksia 3

Australian Banksia do very well here, but they are still not yet widely available. I tried to grow some from seed once, but failed. That was a long time ago when I was just a novice. Maybe it's time to try again.

B. spinulosa

Banksia spinulosa




Prunus yuanensis

Metasequoia glyptostroboides



Ginkgo biloba

G. biloba

G. biloba 2

Chorisia speciosa


Anonymous said...

In our current sate of complete whiteness, it helps to know that are places with intense color like this. Keep posting through March please...

Ewa said...

what o relief to see place like this - thanks for sharing!

Les said...

Very nice shots. I like the flowers especially the Banskia, Grevilia and the Leucadendron. I also like how there seem to be wilder, more natural plantings in the garden.

chuck b. said...

Yeah, Les--in some places that wilder, more natural look took great effort to achieve. In other areas, it's just the natural result of having only 10 gardeners working in a 55-acre garden.

This blog will be a snow-free zone all winter.

Christopher C. NC said...

You hope this blog will be a snow free zone all winter. It snowed in New Orleans, Houston and Austin about a week ago.

That bush salvia looks a lot like a red ginger it's so big.

The Chorisia is the tree with the nice yellow fall color?

chuck b. said...

Well, it's certainly not going to snow here.

That last picture is misleading. The color is Ginkgo biloba.

Anonymous said...

Oh those trees, they make me swoon!

And I wish I could figure out how to make a round trough like that, so far failure after failure.


lisa said...

..."I rather like the forced association of aloe and leucadendron" me too! I just realized why I always enjoy your pictures so much-your eye seems drawn to the same things mine would be. I like how the plant name pops up when I move my mouse over the image...I need to figure out how to do that. And the chorisia! Spines and thorns are the shit, IMO.