Saturday morning garden

My new camera can't come fast enough. I found the Canon of my dreams on Ebay for $300 and Guy made it my Christmas present. Yay! It's a discontinued model, but I can't imagine going without the vari-angle LCD. As a garden blogger, that feature is my life. Do you hold the camera up to your eye every time you take a picture? Ugh! No way.

Hopefully, the new camera will come this week. In the meantime...


Tithonia diversifolia. The fragrance is more than just chocolate. It's like chocolate + vanilla.


Just a couple flowers on it right now.

A surprise Fremontodendron flower in November. With the ever-present little brown ants. What insect eats ants? I need need to attract it.


And Clarkia amoena, also a surprise. This was from a seedling planted in July that benefited from proximity to a Meyer lemon getting supplemental water. What a horrible sentence.

Clarkia amoena

There was some leftover Bailey's from Thanksgiving, and I'm drinking Irish Coffee. That's what's in the black mug.

Vitis + Irish coffee

Yesterday I sat and watched three different little birds come through the garden picking worms and caterpillars off everything. I just sat in that chair and watched them hop from place to place, feasting. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me.


The raspberries are doing very well. I've been picking one or two here and there for eating in the garden. The canes take a year to really get going I guess. I look forward to having raspberries by the basketfull. Maybe next year I'll make a raspberry cheesecake for Thanksgiving. To go with the Irish coffee.


I've been cutting back the dead parts of the two remaining tomato bushes and letting them keep going otherwise. I mean, why not, right?



Unknown said...

What fun and I'm sure the Bailey's made it even more enjoyable! I have the first flower posted, my smells like honey! Well, not any more the freeze got it. No problem it will come back stronger than ever.

Christopher C. NC said...

Oh goody a new camera.

I never did manage to grow the Tithonia in Hawaii. As you can imagine it got ginormous there.

Anonymous said...

Can you attract anteaters? It still looks like summer there! The tomatoes have me green with envy. Those photos are quite pretty, all of them. Can't wait to see what you do with the new Canon. What viewfinder? I have never, not once, taken a photo with it? Why would you? Spoiled, I guess. Hooray for early Christmas presents.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention the raspberries. Your trellis for them is so attractive. I am pondering how to make one for mine. We found those to be the best tasting berries ever, they never ever made it into the house, eaten on the spot. Sorry family. Brokenbeat has a plant that has taken over like crazy with buckets full of berries, they ended up just letting them rot on the stems, too many to pick! That is not the case with mine, maybe in a couple of years, although his are only one year older. They did have more rain than us. Hope your are abundanza!

chuck b. said...

I can't imagine letting raspberries die on the vine. Pick them right in to freezer bags and in they go.

Anonymous said...

Quite a lovely garden for fall. Tomatoes are last longer than a season in their natural habitats so I think keeping the plants going as long as possible makes sense.
I like the echium and gingko biloba in the next post.

C said...

Great pictures! If you're in that area you might be interested in joining the SF Permaculture Guild group.

We met last night, and again next month on the first Monday.

Website: http://permaculture-sf.alchemytheme.com/

A nearby SF Permaculture Project: http://www.18thandrhodeisland.org/

lisa said...

That first shot was pretty darn nice, even without the new camera! I could never let my berries rot, either. Usually I have trouble beating the birds to them, actually.