Les passed by a cotton field and has some thoughts you may wish to know. Link.

San Francisco gets an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture. Link. (Stanford has the Bay Area's only other Goldsworthy that I know about. Link. Well, no, there's his project at the DeYoung, too.)

Behold the dramatic range of human facial expression: baby gets a bath. (And tell me what that thing is in the lower right-hand corner of the first picture.)

Annie's Annuals 20%-off mail order sale ends on Friday. Things I want: Campanula vidalii, Cussonia transvaalensis, Puya mirabilis.

Would you grow a purple tomato? I would.

Slime molds. Insects.


Anonymous said...

HI Chuck - I enjoyed your Saturday morning pics mucho, and the baby pics today gave me a big smile. The thing on the counter is a "Splash" baby bottle dryer! It won a Design Award 2008. Thanks for giving me a "detective" job this morning! Back to gardening...

JvA said...

I would grow a purple anything.

How do you feel about beautyberry, Chuck? I saw tons of it at the zoo today. I think it's really super-lovely in October.

I am still getting raspberries on my container bush in the front yard.

Also at home, the baby continues her reign of cuteness.

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved seeing the old W-culture post with Christopher of Hawaii digging the stones. That Goldsworthy piece seems a lot more long lasting the the SF one, I know that is part of the idea but it bothers me. We grew Cherokee Purple and Black Krim tomatoes this year. The black were the best tomato I have ever tasted. The purples were prone to cracking.

Unknown said...

I also grew Cherokee Purple and Black Krim tomatoes this year... and while the Black Krims are deliciously smoky, the Cherokee Purples were much more prolific for me and still very tasty. (Didn't have Frances' problem with the cracking, either.)

But a purple tomato that comes about THAT way... hmm. I would have to think about that. Kind of weirds me out...

lisa said...

Very enjoyable misc.!