The cheese shop

I like the little cheese shop at the corner of 12th and Irving. I think it's a mom & pop business and they have another store in Glen Park.

I come here for lunch and get a sandwich once or twice a week. It's close enough to my office to walk to, and far enough to give me a little exercise and clear my mind.


They sell mostly imported European cheeses, but there are some Californian goat cheeses too.


I like cheese, but I'm not a connoisseur. English Cotswold is my favorite.


They sell other things. All the olives are imported.


And they make sandwiches. I usually geta ham and cheese.

On days when the husband's there, I say "Can I have a ham and cheese sandwich?" and he makes it for me. When the wife is there, I say "Can I have a ham and cheese sandwich?" and she comes back with, "What kind of ham? What kind of cheese? What kind of bread? Do you want everything? Onions?"

Most peoople (most Americans?) probably prefer the wife's approach, and that's fine. I get that. But I actually prefer the husband's approach. If I wanted to micromanage every detail of my sandwich, I would say so when I placed my order. It's just a sandwich.

There--that's a little something about me you might not have known.

I don't usually get a drink, but these look good.


And so do these.




I haven't tried the Home Maid pasta yet.


But I've sampled a lot of the chocolate. Today I had this one...


after I ate my sandwich...


while sitting on a quiet bench in the San Francisco Botanical Garden.


Who do you like better?
The wife.
The husband.
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Christopher C. NC said...

All of a sudden I am hungry for a ham and cheese sandwich.

Annie in Austin said...

Cool place, Chuck- with some very tempting cheeses. But when we carry our stuff to the bench I want my Lindt to be Intense Orange Dark.


chuck b. said...

That sounds good Annie. I like all the fruit-flavored chocolates.

Brent said...

I placed vote number 3 for the wife, but I get it about liking the husband's approach.

Tira said...

That sandwich shop looks cool. I don't think there's anywhere else in the world better than California in terms of fresh and affordable produce and food, in such a variety of ethnic cuisines. I like lindt as well, but so many upscale companies, including lindt, seem to be now using cheaper, inferior grade chocolates according to supply, one batch of bars may taste different from the other. I think some of the best cocoa in the world comes from my home country of Trinidad, and Valrhona Gran Couva is an upscale brand that uses it, Gran Couva is the first geographical indication for cocoa, see
Some batches of cadbury also use Trinidad cocoa, but that's hit and miss, and definitely not the cadbury bars made in the US
(which is made by Hersheys).
BTW I got the seeds yesterday! Thanks so much, will be sowing on saturday. I guess the hurricane delayed the package by a week.

Phillip Oliver said...

I would normally want to choose my preferences but with this many choices, I might go with the husband. Neat place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck, thanks for sharing lunch with us. I loved looking at everything the shop had to offer. I like to have choices so voted for the wife, I like to be asked. All home made pasta is incredible, it tastes so different than dried. I would get the thicker stuff, taglarini. That's not a bad price either.


Randy said...

Depends on what the husband looks like ;-) (Seriously, I looked at the totals and didn't want to cast the tie-breaker because my preference really depends entirely on my mood.).

Unknown said...

I like both approaches, on different days. And ham is ham, but there's a whole world of cheeses so that would make the biggest difference to me in said sandwich.

In that first picture of the shelves of boxed goods, about in the middle you'll see boxes of "Nut-thins." They're all good, but the Pecan ones are especially tasty. Careful, though, they are light as air so it's easy to eat more than you should... yum.

Darn it. Now I have to go out and find some more cheese...