Monday morning garden

It's the first day of fall, but summer continues in San Francisco. In fact, it seems more like "summer" now than at any time in the last few months.

Epilobium canum

'Black from Tula' tomatoes.

'Black from Tula'

A nice specimen of Passiflora citrina I got for a song on Ebay.

Passiflora citrina

The passiflora is growing in a pot up the trunks of Tibouchina urvilleana. I need to find a place for it in the ground this winter. Unfortunately, there is very little room left in the ground. The garden continues to be very over-planted. I don't know how it's done as well as it has for this long.


The Tibouchina has a soft tomentose all over, including new wood. (Not so much the old wood).


The green manzanita leaves are especially nice this time of year.

Arctostaphylos bakeri 'Louis Edmunds'

I'm watering it at night now and then, to give it a little head start on the growing season. At the base, the Monardella villosa I cut back is resprouting.


And I've been slowly planting out the Sidalcea malviflora that I grew from seed as the plants get big enough to be in the ground.


The Keckiella cordifolia has gone completely dormant for the remainder of summer.

Keckiella cordifolia

I expect it to start leafing out in a few months after the rains return.


Phillip Oliver said...

I love the tibouchina - such a nice color.

Christopher C. NC said...

You're getting ready for spring and I need to hurry and plant before winter.

There is something very sensual about the manzanita leaves.

Anonymous said...

No wonder your garden ground is so crowded, look at all those seedlings. And you have been doing that for as long as I have been reading your blog, years. But it looks wonderful.

John said...

Loved your photographs. Great site..really enjoyed it...

Unknown said...

I think it's been at least a month since I made this comment, so I have to say... I so love the orange color of that trellis you painted!

And the tibouchiana... you've now taught me (I think) that tomentose=hairy. Is that oversimplified but correct? lol.