Lunchtime botanical garden

Just a few pictures. These are from yesterday.

There's a sale this Saturday starting at 10 a.m., featuring native plants.


But not just native plants.


In the garden...



Cotyledon orbiculata


Beschorneria chiapensis:

Beschorneria chiapensis

Cestrum elegans:

Cestrum elegans

Ripe Fuchsia fruit:

Fuchsia boliviana


Squirrels are a major pest in the Botanical Garden. Sentimental San Franciscans exacerbate the problem by feeding them peanuts. It's against the rules but people do what they want.


The squirrels are cute, but they don't need any more food.


Laurene said...

That ripe Fuschia fruit looks like capsules of sour cherry extract that I take for my sore joints!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

There is fruit on my fushchia the first time this year. I guess conditions were just right. I don't like those pesky squirrels. They can be so destructive. People just don't realize how they can be.

Christopher C. NC said...

Even from here those tables of plants for sale look tempting and I have a stockpile of stuff that needs to be planted before it gets too cold. Two bags of daffodils, 45 count each, $15, landed in a cart I was pushing the other day.

I live with a man who shoots squirrels and other small varmints that eat bird seed.

Joe said...

Squirrels may be cute, and you have some good photos here, but they eat up and dig in my container garden. I lost half of my mesclun seedlings the other day because of a squirrel.

Joe said...

P.S. Do you have any problems with squirrels in your garden?

chuck b. said...

Believe it or not, I have never seen a squirrel in my garden in the five years that I've lived here. But I have had problems with raccoons and possums. Strange!

lisa said...

That squirrel sure is eyeing you up...I bet they bitch up a rant about the people who don't feed them, now that they're so spoiled! I think it's amazing that you get bigger varmints but not squirrels. I didn't think there was a square inch on this planet that hadn't been touched by a squirrel! (My view is skewed because I have so many, I think.)

Bradford Allen said...

Parsec, I feel for you. Squirrels are one of the most common garden pests. I remember my huge tomato plant. It did nothing but to grow better and bigger, then a squirrel ate it at once, leaving us with a busted produce. Since then, I fenced my plants and never let any squirrels come in my garden.