Chabot Equestrian Center

Saturday we went to an open house at the Chabot Equestrian Center in the Oakland hills. My aunt has three horses stabled there--two Tennessee Walkers and a gaited mule. I took a few pictures.



They put on a little horse show for us. This woman walked her horse around the corral, made him walk sideways ("sidepassing") and backwards--all without a bridle.


And this little girl was totally adorable with her tiny horse named Figaro (nicknamed Figgy).


Btw, Figgy can be rented for parties and special events. Let me know if you want contact information.

The Oakland hills are a mixed pine-oak woodland.


Couldn't you just ride off..?


Anonymous said...

I have ridden into them thar hils many times on horseback and loved every minute of it. Living in Oakland offers many such parkland and open space opportunities not to mention our Bay Area 'banana belt'climate which is absolutely ideal for gardening. Except of course this year which was Drought City and very tough on the garden. Much enjoy your Blog. Nicole

lisa said...

Yes I could. I can't believe I missed this post, I just haven't been on the net enough lately...gotta catch up! (Well, at least with my favorite blog, which is yours, of course! :)