Blog post for Christopher

Has Christopher decided what color to paint his house? I need to find out.

I meant to be more consistent with this thread. Sorry!

Here's another one that I like.


Green with pinkish trim. Nice.


Eve said...

That looks like mine except for the pink. I chickened out and went with white trim. I do like the pink a lot.

Christopher C. NC said...

I think it is easier to get away with bold color in the very urban city and more important than in the cool summer greens and winter browns and greys of the forest. I have chosen the colors for the cozy little cabin in the woods. You can see them on this post. How's The Corn

Frances, said...

They look real pretty too, in the context of the woodlands, they fit in without disappearing. BTW, they are the same colors as my house. ;->

lisa said...

Nice color combination! Just my speed-not too loud, not too muted.

Annie in Austin said...

Isn't Christopher trying to make the cabin look like a vintage country church? Wonder what kind of congregation would meet in this one, Chuck? One o' those New Age churches? (heading over to see the final choice)

Annie at the Transplantable Rose