Not so dry.

The last post was about summer dryness. But it's never very dry during the summer in San Francisco. Because we have this fog.


I was in Palo Alto yesterday, 30 minutes south. It was warm and sunny. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. At a farmer's market, people wore shorts and sun hats.


They shopped for perennials.


They tried to ignore this godawful folksinger lamenting Iraq and...the high price of real estate.


Seriously, this guy was the parody of a bad folksinger. He'd be right at home in a Christopher Guest movie. In other parts of the country, people would throw tomatoes at him. In Palo Alto, he wailed on and on, equally shameless and clueless.

Why, if it wasn't for US marines in Iraq and greedy mortgage lenders, we'd live in peace and harmony. The whole world would be a place of gentle sunshine and happy flowers.

In short, we would all live in California.


Me, I think that's just so much poppyganda.



lisa said...

Despite the tuneless dufus, it still looks like a good time. That mural is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

At least you don't get the tule fog like we have in the Central Valley. Our fog can get so bad that I can barely make out the hood ornament on my car which results in the big Hwy pileups. Its the smoke from the forest fires that been our misery so far. We've only had a few 100+ days, thanks to the cooling air coming in from the coast.