Friday morning garden

Cobaea scandens

Cobaea scandens

Madia elegans

Helianthus annuus

Shasta Daisy was invented in California by Luther Burbank.

Shasta daisy

This Fuchsia 'Miep Aalhuzien' (or something like that) is new, and it has the prettiest green leaves. I got it at the Botanical Garden. They grow tall and have tons of small pink fuchsia flowers.


Phygelius... I had this before and it didn't work out, but I want to try again. Nurseries sell a pinkish one, and I want it too.





I hope this Dahlia continues to do well under the deck.


This other area under the deck is a little too lush for me, but it is what it is.

under the deck

The Dracaena marginata is a house plant. The cats were accosting it, so I put it outside. Not sure what its future is. The large-leafed Bartlettina sordida (on the left) grows up and fills this whole space during the rainy season. I had to cut it back really hard last year because winter storms shredded it.

Hopefully we'll have gentler storms this year.


CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden!!! It makes me smile. It looks very welcoming today!!! How is your weather there?

chuck b. said...

Thanks, Cindee! We're having really nice weather in San Francisco right now. Temperatures in the mid-60s, with sunny skies and light breezes. I can see fog on the coast from my desk.

Christopher C. NC said...

Is the Dahlia "Madame Stappers"? The tuber you sent me is a real plant now. No flower buds yet. It has been wilting on full sun hot days, but perks right back up once the sun goes down. A lot of the perennial natives do this same wilt in strong sun, so I haven't been too concerned. It's like full strong relentless sun freaks them out since they are so often in clouds or fog or rain.

chuck b. said...

Oh, that's just some unnamed Dahlia I got at Annie's Annuals. I have another one, slightly different, that I like even more.

The two named dahlias I have are in bud and should have flowers soon.

I'm growing dahlia from seed now too.

Very quick to germinate--FYI...

Wicked Gardener said...

What is the plant on the railing? I don't think I've seen it before.

chuck b. said...

That's called Cobaea scandens.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the picture up toward the railing, with the cobaea on it. Looks like they're all leaning their heads over the railing, trying to see what you're up to while you work your magic on the garden below!

lisa said...

I'm with Kim-the vine looks like it's watching over you. "Too lush"? I think that spot looks really cool...good place to hide a gnome and freak people out! :) Your garden looks like a great place to relax and sip something yummy!