Blog post(s) for Christopher C.

He's trying to decide what color(s) to paint his future house.

Houses in San Francisco come in all manner of colors.

I stand ready to show him endless possibilities.

Starting with this one.



Frances, said...

HA, this is going to be good. Your cloud forest post was so full of info, helps me to understand your growing conditions. Living in southern CA was so different. I always thought it was just a little cooler up there. Christopher's house, or chapel, in the mountains is going to be a work of art. Love the steepness of the roof already.

Christopher C. NC said...

Oh my! I like the red and green. It could actually work as a take off on the ubiquitous red barns here. They even sell a specific red barn paint in the stores here.

Sadly, my cottage on Maui pretty much was the same as the orange house next door in need of a paint job. I lived in a Howard Johnson for sixteen years. That was long enough.