It's time to play...The Price is Right!

Recent comments here have inspired me to make a post about how much plants cost. And I will do that later.

Right now, as a fun little exercise, pretend that you really, really want a baobab tree.

How much money would you pay for a 12" Adansonia digitata?

After you've decided on your answer, visit the Great Petaluma Desert and click the New Releases tab in the upper left-hand corner to see if you win.


Christopher C. NC said...

I really really wanted a Baobab Tree and if I had owned the land where I lived in Maui all those years, I would have planted one.

That said, I would pay $24.95 for a 12" Baobab or buy the seed from Thompson and Morgan.

lisa said...

Holy effing crap! I don't think I'd pay that much for ANY plant, even if I was loaded! (Okay, maybe a mature saguaro cactus, 8' tall or so). Wow.

lisa said...

BTW...I wasn't sure if you'd see my reply in the comments at my latest post, but I'd be happy to send you some seeds from that 'Markham's Pink' clematis if you'd like. (Sorry I'm such a moron I lost your email addy, or I'd contact you that way.)

gintoino said...

No, I wouldn't pay such an amount for any plant! I really never like to spend too much on plants anyway...That said I've seen a bonsai today priced 6000 euros (9000USD)!!! Who pays that amount of money for a plant?!

chuck b. said...

If I had that kind of money to burn, I would totally spend $9000 on a bonsai! :)

I mean, people routinely pay even more for fine art. I'd rather have a bonsai. (And someone to take care of it--because I couldn't!)

Les said...

As someone in the business, I am constantly amazed (and grateful) at what people spend on plants. Today we were discussing the fact that one of our clients spent $13,000 just on summer annuals last year.

BTW how many Lemurs come with the Baobab?

Brent said...

You're a bit of a trickster. Here I was thinking that it might be $50-$100 at the far outside if it were hard to germinate or very rare.

Turns out a handful of seeds are $1.95 on ebay.

I was also thinking about how much I'd have to pay to have a mature tree removed when I tired of it. Perhaps $1000 for that.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Three or four years ago I paid $ 45 dollars ( wholesale ) for one Agave polyphylla in a one gallon container.
Today I paid $ 9.00 each ( wholesale) for nine of them.
I guess patience is a virtue.
I have no horticultural virtue-ness.

I think that those Adansonia look like a dried slump test.
Very unattractive unless you like the look of a dried up turd with a few green leaves.

Tira said...

My plant price limit is $60 for something I really like, I usually try to stay under $35 for a plant. But plants are expensive where I live, as they have to import the plant and the soil, and buy water to keep it alive! A Baobab Tree in the nursery would be quite a rarity.