Dry Garden

Dry Garden is by far the grooviest plant nursery that I know of.


Once a gas station on Shattuck Avenue in North Oakland, now a plant nursery for dry-ish California gardens.












They have some rather uncommon plants for sale too.

Amorphophallus rivieri in a 4" pot for $6.95. I bought one. Maybe the raccoons will eat it and die. That would be nice.


Manihot esculenta with complimentary Verbena bonariensis. I bought one of those too although it's probably inadvisable to plant a young tapioca tree with raccoons around.



No species ID for this potbound 2-g Aristolochia, but it was on sale for $16.95.


I did not buy it.


Begonia boliviana, a winter-deciduous perennial for sun or shade.


I've killed Sisyrinchium 'Quaint and Queer' three times now, so I'm not buying it anymore.


Solanum quitoense.


Calibanus hookeri.


Musschia wollatsonii.





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CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

What a fun place to visit! I love the garden art(-: The smiling sunface is really cute!!!! The agaves look nice too. I like the Calibanus hookeri. I have never seen one before!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain about the raccoons. They come into my yard at night & dig up my pots & eat whatever is ready at the time. I'd like to have them whacked myself.

Christopher C. NC said...

I have now seen two healthy patches of an Opuntia species and we have a native Yucca. A truly xeric garden would have to be it's own little theme garden for me I think.

Concertina razor wire on top of the fence. Maybe it comes in nice colors. You could leave the raccoon threads up to dry as a warning to its kin.

Tira said...

Yes, a really groovy, cool nursery. I have several of these plants, and want all those pictured that I don't have!
Similar plants to what I saw at Flora Grubb on my visit in April. The art reminds me of the garden art place in Laos in May, so this nursery is like a fusion of the two places I visited and blogged about LOL.

Anonymous said...

Very cool for a dry nursery. I am a little disturbed by a bowl of doll heads and an arm though. I do have the begonia which is a keeper.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely need to check this out, now that I'm in SF.

Frances, said...

Hi Chuck, I have been worried about your tone lately, is it the raccoons? I will advise you like I did Brokenbeat who is suffering great indignities at the hands of a groundhog family, get a trap. I think your nursery has a relative of Mrs. Bongo Congo, they may be long lost sisters. Lots of cool plants. Too bad you had trouble growing the blue eyed grass, so perfect.

Anonymous said...

Nice nursery pron! I know a lot of nurseries in the East Bay but haven't seen this one yet.

Anonymous said...

In enjoyed discovering your blog! Good stuff.
Shirley Bovshow

Unknown said...

Gorgeous plants... and I LOVE that this place used to be a gas station. That's just perfect.

By the way, that Bolivian begonia really looks like the annual 'Bonfire' begonia that I couldn't resist buying this spring... so I googled it, and 'Bonfire' is that type. I can only hope it gets half as big as that one, though.

So why did you NOT buy the sale plant?

lisa said...

What a cool place! I'd never heard of the tapioca tree before, so I did a lookup. Very interesting plant! That Calibanus hookeri is wild, like somebody's hair pulled through a cap for coloring. I'm with Layanee...the dolls are very creepy.

lisa said...

Oh BTW, if the Liquid Fence isn't working for the raccoons, this may help. I don't really have raccoon troubles, but Liquid Fence works for my deer and rabbits.

gintoino said...

What a cool nursery! I wish we had something like that around here. So many plants I would like to see in my garden...Oh well, one can hope...

Anonymous said...

CAn't run naked through that place. Too many spiky things.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I'd love to visit this one.