A few things

First: Congratulations to mr. and mrs. mmw at two gardens, the proud parents of new twins! Babies arrived early and mom is taking it easy.

Second: Birthday cards from the pet insurance company reminded us that our kittens are having their first birthday about now. And they still won't sit still for pictures.

IMG_0118 IMG_0130

Third: The Austrian woman who was held hostage in a basement for 8-1/2 years (not to be confused with the Belgian woman who was held captive for 24 years) is starting a new career as a television talk show host. Link. My first reaction (i.e., the first two seconds after I heard about it) was something along the lines of "Was it all a publicity stunt?"

Fourth: Did you know that Barack Obama smokes? I just heard about it today and I'm still surprised. Who smokes anymore? I haven't decided who I'm going to vote for this November--and the Democrats still haven't decided who to nominate which seems bizarre because November is not very far away--but can I vote for a smoker? Especially one who wants to quit, but can't? My grandmother quit all at once the day the Surgeon General warning was issued. It's legend in my family. Anyhow, whatever.

Fifth: I want these.

Sixth: A white amaryllis bloom (last seen here) was waiting for me when I got home from vacation. Enjoy!



Laurene said...

Obama no longer smokes. He decided to quit before he began the campaign. He does use Nicorette gum every now & then when the urge overtakes him. I agree, it's a nasty addiction, but at least he is doing something about it.

chuck b. said...

Ah, thanks for the clarification. Good for him, and I'm glad to hear it.

lisa said...

I'm undecided about this election too...maybe I'll just flip a coin in the booth when I get there. (Quite the informed and responsible citizen, aren't I? :)
LOVE the amaryllis...I can almost smell it!